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Thursday, February 09, 2012

That damned Change

What's Mallard raving about today?


I could comment on the horrible poetry on display here since this may be worse poetry than one would expect from a 5-year old child..

Instead, I will post this chart to illustrate that, unfortunately for Mallard, he is a liar (although facts have a Liberal bias).


Tog said...

Oh, but only a couple of days ago, Romney-fellating prat Bobby McDonnell claimed that any sustained recovery would be to the GOP's exclusive credit. (McDonnell refrained from providing concrete examples of how the GOP performed this miracle, but naturally Obama remains free to take the blame for any hiccups along the way.)

Has the Obama administration even mentioned the Cheney Debacle at all lately? (Outside of its responsibility for the Iraq and Afghanistan quagmires, that is.) Every admin in recent history has held a dim view of what came before, but I'd remind Tinsley that it was Reagan the All-Holy who started the outright trash-talk by spending eight years whining piteously about Jimmy Carter, earning him the nickname "The Great Inheritor."

Kip W said...

I blame the fact that Tinsley uses the same goddamn drawing of the flying arschloch every day on all those names in the credits screen of Adobe Photoshop. Before those guys came along, he had to use a photocopier to do that, and there was always the chance his hand would jiggle a little as he pasted it down and accidentally achieve inadvertent originality once in a while.

Rootbeer said...

Based on his clothing, I'd hazard to guess that dude is unemployed because he's trying to get work in lumberjacking, despite being built for accountancy.

As for the metric scansion--the Stressed and unstressed syllables--of this Mallentine:


Nope, still not a limerick.

Also, it has no relevance to Valentine's Day or love, so what the fuck.

Anonymous said...

I finally understand the Duck's counting scheme with the almost random numbers. If he were to count down from 10 to 1 (as is customary), then he would be committing himself to actually planning ahead and coming up with ten strips on the topic. Instead, he just does it until loosing interest. The "New Year predictions" went on for a while, went off topic, then resumed, with apparently random numbers. At least this series will end by the 14th.

Steve-O said...

Does anyone know one person who reads Mallard Fillmore non-ironically? I don't. My conservative friends don't have any idea it exists. I'm getting closer to the conclusion that this "comic" is done just for people like us.

Miss D said...

Tinsley is not a liar, he's just incredibly stupid. Yes, the poetry is bad, but the artwork is even worse!

Frank Stone said...

It's funny that Brucie is pretending to care about unemployment considering that he was a staunch defender of Herman "Has-Been" Cain, whose advice to the poor and unemployed was "Blame yourself."

It's even funnier that he's beating this drum now, when unemployment has been slowly but steadily falling. Bruce Timely strikes again!

Big Fat Heart said...

'At least this series will end by the 14th.'

Oh, how little you know Tinsley. Realistically, we can look forward to Mallentines until about the 25th. He's remarkably good at forgetting Veterans Day and other holidays he'd destroy anyone else for missing, but when it comes to an easy format he can milk for a whole month...

rewinn said...

Poor writing, painfully bad "art", and tired themes.

"Mallard Fillmore" is like an old dog humping his master's leg ... it doesn't do anything, but it's all he knows.