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Saturday, February 18, 2012

That damned Commerce

What's Mallard raving about today?


Right, because GE-owned NBC is anti-Capitalism. It really takes a special kind of know-nothingness to write something like this. Luckily, Mallard is just that special.


Anonymous said...

A good writer would say this as a commentary on the corruption of the news media by greedy corporations and ass-kicking Public Relations. Tinsley, however, is saying that we should stop reporting on important events and advancements and make all the media, not only news, nothing but advertisements.

Kip W said...

Today's "Commerce and Commerciality" marks the start of Tinsley's "Jane Austen" phase. We look forward to "Fundaments and Fundamentalism," "Booze and Boosterism," "Elks and Alcoholism," and of course, an old favorite that particularly applies here, "Ink and Incapability."

rewinn said...

...and don't forget: "Comics and Comas" featuring a badly drawn picture of a pantless duck.

We knew that Boondocks was headed for the exit when it mostly became a kid watching TV but, zombie-like, Mallard Fillmore is kept alive by the unholy power of hate.

Tinsley: Worse than Rob Liefeld's Before Watchmen said...

I can imagine Tinsley's ideal media, based on what the anonymous guy said: John Updike and Dominic Dunne create the novelization of Enron's earning reports; Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams produce two hour long car commercials; NBC produces a show extolling the virtues of Brawny; and Electronic Arts and Ubisoft create nothing but four hour long advertisements for American imperialism with lots of D.L.C.

Frank Stone said...

I remember reading an interview with actor Ed O'Neill during the twilight days of Married with Children. Regarding his continuing participation in that aging sitcom, he said, "I wouldn't be doing it at this point if I weren't being well paid." It was a refreshingly candid admission that he had no compelling personal attachment to his job beyond the hefty paycheck it brought him.

"Mallard Fillmore" strips like today's help reinforce the certainty that Bruce Tinsley holds the same attitude toward his own job -- and has for as long as any of us can remember.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Ed O'Neill agreed to join Modern Family.

Word Verification: Against IslanI, I am against island I of boredom and generic inanity: Modern Family.

Steve-O said...

If the right-wing had any use for the actual free market Bruce Tinsley would have been asking people if they want fries with that about ten years ago.