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Friday, February 17, 2012

Those damned Bankruptcies

What's Mallard raving about today?

Green Companies.

Great timing.


dlauthor said...

Some companies went under! Oh no! We shouldn't even try new things! Whiskey, hate, and foreign oil will sustain us!

Kip W said...

When you think of how many mercenaries that could have been funded with that money, and how many places could have been polluted with fracking for the same amount... oh, it's just tragic. Tragic!

David in NYC said...

Brucie seems to have trouble understanding the "venture" part of "venture capital".

Then again, he seems to have trouble understanding most things, so not a surprise, really.

WV: bignsuc persons (seriously -- make your own closted Rethug jokes)

Anonymous said...

Tinsley would live in a cave if he was not too cowardly and hateful to leave his home, and he wishes every White Christian in the Deep South would join him in an empty, dead world. Thus, he hates science for its unbiased search for methods of advancing the world.

MissD said...

Tinsley 10 years ago -
The Enron bankruptcy was a good thing. No fraud involved. In fact, it didn't even really go bankrupt. That was just the liberal media trying to make Republican economics and Texas energy companies look bad.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Once the media and the war party in Congress, Jerusalem, and the White House get the Iran War going, there'll be jobs aplenty for the next 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley must have discovered Youtube. -

Word Verification: Spectabilis Npensi, an S.T.D. that makes AIDS look like crabs. Mallard Fillmore does to the brain what spectabilis npensi does to the penis.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, thank goodness -- if Mallard had provided one more concrete, irrefutable example of Joe Biden saying racist, sexist, and hateful things on top of the dozens he had already provided, I would surely have lost my mind!

Oh, no -- but now I'm going to be consumed with anxiety over Mallard's new series of strips which will surely be filled with damning evidence that the "green energy" industry is a gargantuan fraud!! Curse my frail, wrongheaded liberal psyche!!

rewinn said...

Speaking of bankruptcy - all four of the leading GOP presidential candidates are arguing that the US auto industry should have gone bankrupt during the Bush administration, which guarantees they will lose Michigan, Ohio and the November election.

The battle will be over state houses and the Congress, which in a way is nice because it enables every American to participate in meaningful races (...the electoral college means that more than half of us have no impact on the presidential race.)