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Sunday, February 19, 2012

That damned Like

What's Mallard raving about today?


At first I was going to make fun of Mallard Fillmore for putting words into the mouths of characters which bear no resemblance to the way people actually speak to one another.

Then I realized that, of course, Mallard has never been involved in a conversation with another human being in which "like you" was used in this way. So, you know, he can only guess at correct usage.

By contrast, I am sure he's intimately familiar with usage such as "I'd like you to leave now."

Plus, Facebook! Hilarious and tech savvy!


Anonymous said...

It's startling how much the absense of Mallard Fillmore improves "Mallard Fillmore."

rewinn said...

@Anon - it's because, in either sense, no-one "likes" Mallard Fillmore.

Steve-O said...

Even by Tinsley's pathetic standards this "comic" is subpar. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the best he could do with a Sunday strip? What is he getting at? He seems to be saying "hey, lots of people use Facebook, OMG!". Why do we care in what way the woman "likes" the man?

I think I'll go do something more useful than reading a Mallard Fillmore "comic", like count the carpet fibers in my living room rug.

Kip W said...

Right on, Mallard! Way to stick it to, um. Penguins, who dress up like people? Well, whoever you're sticking it to, I'm sure it's very nice. Gold medals for everybody!

Kip W said...

When other cartoonists were protesting the shrinking of comics to a space too small to draw in, Tinsley was already leaping into action, shrinking the content (art and idea) to where it could be drowned in a thimble. What a visionary!

David in NYC said...

I know Facebook is really hard to understand (the product, not their privacy policies, which are inscrutable at best), but someone should tell Brewski that one does not "like" people on FB, one "likes" comments or pages.

Guess he just needs to do some more "research".