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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Those damned Things

What's Mallard raving about today?

Joe Biden

Mallard Fillmore: conflating assertion and fact since 2004.


Tog said...

I'll give Tinsley an A+ on this one, albeit for reasons he did not intend. Not only was former Vice-President (and former de facto President) Dick Cheney a foul-mouthed S.O.B. in love with his own obnoxiousness, he was a vomiting drunk who should've never been allowed to handle a firearm even when he was sober.

Joe Biden says the occasional stupid thing then apologizes for it.

Anybody have a count? Between the number of Mallard Fillmore strips devoted to the myriad lowlights of Dick Cheney's obscene reign, versus the number of strips about Chappaquiddick?

Meanwhile, Tinsley proudly embraces (and defends the eliminationist rhetoric of) the most vile scum of the wrong wing, including Jonah Goldberg, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and that horrifying scarecrow Ann Coulter.

Tog said...

And though I'm running late with this, I'd also like to point out that once again Trudeau has run rings around Tinsley with a single strip.

Remember all the whiny MF strips decrying "the self-esteem culture?" Trudeau actually pointed out the folly of its abuse, while Tinsley bawled over and over again that instilling self-confidence in children itself was somehow inherently wrong.

It's the difference between someone who has a frontal lobe, and Bruce Tinsley.

Kip W said...

Actually, that would be "What would you call a Republican vice president who says as many offensive things in an hour as Biden has said in a lifetime; who openly profits from people who kill each other; and who expects and gets an apology when he shoots somebody in the fact with a shotgun?"

Kip W said...

(Lose these unreadable capchas!)

CW in LA said...

Wait, the headline on the paper says "More Joe gaffes", but Brews is still harping on the same old, old one.

I have to admit, I'm not clear on what he thinks his point is. I've narrowed it down to:

1) "Libruls are teh real racists (PS - In two or three weeks I'll be defending Pete Hoekstra by reminding y'all once again that the Chinese eat dogs)"; or

2) "All the stupid, vicious stuff I and Rush Lardbutt and my dream fuck-buddy Princess Sarah and all my other fellow members of the Church of Perpetual Butthurt" say is completely okay because Biden says dumb crap once in a while".

Rootbeer said...

Yeah, remember all those other Vice Presidents that were forced out over a selection of harmless verbal gaffes?

Anyway, it seems like a pretty safe bet that Joe Biden will not be running for President in 2016, so the Democratic Party won't have the advantage of incumbency should Obama win next year and maintain decent approval ratings through his second term.

It might actually be a good long-term move for the progressive cause to replace Biden with an appealing up-and-comer, sooner rather than later. (Probably nobody is brave enough to do it before this year's election.) I don't understand why Mallard Fillmore, conservative, would be pushing for this to happen.

rewinn said...

Sexism, hmmm?

All four of the major GOP Presidential candidates consider The Pill to be murder (since "life begins at conception").

The GOP-lead Legislature of Virginia just passed a law mandating that doctors rape any woman who asks for an abortion (.... the nonconsensual insertion of a foreign object into a vagina is rape, even in Virginia and even if it's an ultrasound probe).

I'm sure I can find one or two more examples of actual sexism but I don't want to puke on my keyboard. I'll bet that Mallard Fillmore ignores them, however.

Frank Stone said...

Q: What would they call a Republican vice president who did all the immoral, unethical, and illegal things Dick Cheney did, but who was not only granted a second term, but was never held to account for any of those things even after leaving office?

A: Dick Cheney.

Once again, Brucie doubles down when he's got nothing. He must be a joy to play poker with.

Anonymous said...

Question: What do you call someone who hates the poor, think Black guys are all on welfare, wants immigrants to all be killed, has a sociopathic attitude towards everyone who knows and loves him, and is still the least vile member of his party?

Answer: Newt Gingrich.

Question: Who is so violent, racist, and demanding that we exterminate everyone unlike him that he cuts himself with a razor blade for not being an albino?

Answer: Bruce Tinsley.

Word Verification: Asilov, all the Republicans, especially Tinsley, love ass because they closeted-gay homophobes.

Bill the Splut said...

Name the other gaffe, Bruce. There IS a gaffe newer than 2008, right? name it. You don't even have to include an asterisk.

Kip W said...

57! 57! 57!

sorry, reflex

(signed: the GOP)