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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

That damned Kook

What's Mallard raving about today?


Strange how, in Republican calculus, there is always enough money available to launch a new war.

I guess Grandma will have to buy less cat food each month.


Tog said...

Public schools are still lousy with cash, overflowing with supplies and overpaid union-wage teachers. Cut that! It's not like they accomplish anything worthwhile! War is good for the economy!

Seriously, anyone with any grasp of the reality of the situation knows war with Iran will be a very different affair than occupying Iraq; therefore, blowhard pundies like Tinsley (variant of Internet Tough Guy; see also: Jonah Goldberg, the Romney Kinder) feel VERY safe beating the drum for said war. It's not like THEY're gonna sign up to fight it this time, either.

'Course, if it weren't for American Adventurism by American Exceptionalists, Iran probably wouldn't be a thorn in our side for damn near forty years now.

Kip W said...

Day Three of the permanent duck decal. I'll pretend he's a duck angel because somebody shot him. With that bow and arrow.

Rootbeer said...

"Unlike some other countries, for example the United States, in Iran the office of president does not bestow full control over foreign policy, the armed forces, or the nuclear policy of the Iranian state, which are ultimately under the control of the Supreme Leader." --Wikipedia

It's as if Bruce can't conceive that other countries have different forms of government than we do.

Ahmadinejad's job -- as it involves foreign issues -- is to make blustery, bombastic speeches in front of the UN to reinforce Iran's interests and policies. He does that job very well. He is not "crazy", and if you believe that the CIA believes that he is, then you're crazy.

(The CIA might publicly suggest he's crazy, as a psy-ops maneuver, but you can bet that the spooks on the inside understand him better than that.)

Also, unless the law is changed, Iran will 'elect' a new President next year. One thing that Iran's presidency does have in common with the United States' is a limit to two four-year terms.

David in NYC said...

Mallard is opposed to "a certified nut job with nukes"?

Then how come he supports Republican candidates for President?

WV: kidingly. Really.

Anonymous said...

If only Obama and almost all of Congress weren't doing all they can to foment war with Iran to please their main contributors. The POTUS is only marginally better than Newtie, Mitt, or Rick on this I'm afraid.

rewinn said...

@Tog - if the invasion of Iraq is our best-case scenario, what could possibly be the worst-case?

rewinn said...

I mean seriously: 4000 American dead and something like 300,000 cases of TBI or PTSD is a best case?

Is it crass of me to point out that Iran sells oil into a world market? Even if they jacked up prices to crazy levels, we'd just buy from someone else?

Jonah Goldberg is as crazy as Ahmadinerjacket ... which, as @Rootbeer points out, may be "not crazy at all, just doing a job"

DiR said...

He's pretty much a figure-head of Iran with no real power. And, really, on the grand scheme of things? Iran's hardly a player in the 'horrible places to live' game.
But you should totally feel free to obsess over him, Bruce. Not like there's anything else going on.