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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Those damned Kids

What's Mallard raving about today?

"Occupy Kids"

Mallard Fillmore accusing anyone of being an "arrogant fool" wins the coveted 2012 Pot Calling the Kettle Black Award.


DiR said...

'Vogon poetry is mild in comparison."

Tog said...

Arrogant fools expecting everyone else to pay for the havoc they wreak on a daily basis?

Really, Tinsley, you make this just TOO easy for me.

...And as usual, Tinsley (who flies into a defensive rage if you mention Timmy McVeigh) has no problem tarring an entire group based on the acts of its worst individuals.

Just remember, Batshit: they tried peaceful protest and non-violent resistance, and all it got them was Pepper Pig Pike casually strolling by and hosing them with max-strength pepper spray while FOXNoise cretins chortled and described the stuff as "basically a food product."

Watch what happens now.

Frank Stone said...

Fox "News" talking points in the form of bad poetry. I'm gonna have to give Brucie some points for creativity here.


Kip W said...

He calls each protester a fool
For going inside when it's cool.
And a worse thing, no doubt,
Than kids dropping out
Is kids who keep going to school.

CW in LA said...

I don't like having to pay for things like our invasion of Iraq. And even though the Tinsh swore (after it became the blood-soaked train wreck anyone with the sense to avoid getting into a land war in Asia could have guessed it would, natch) that he was against it, I don't remember him writing any shitty poetry complaining about it.

rewinn said...

No fair Kip! You used the actual metric structure of a limerick!


I'd like to point out that the nonpolitical (...although occasionally humanistically philosophical...) webcomic "The Order of the Stick" has raised over a half-million dollars in advance sales via Kickstarter. Of course, its creator has the unfair advantage of talent and hard work; unlike "Mallard Fillmore", he is not kept "in print" solely by ideology.