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Friday, February 24, 2012

That damned Wait

What's Mallard raving about today?

The same thing as the last 5 days.

I'm beginning to understand why Mallard Fillmore hates poor people. I mean, in his world, he is able to make a living with no effort, talent, or value whatsoever.


CW in LA said...

Anyone else suspect this is one of those emergency backup non-political sets of strips editors demand when Brews goes too far out of bounds even for his exercise in political hackery whose only purpose is to "balance" Doonesbury?

My guess is, he wanted to do another week on that thing Biden said in 2008.

Tog said...

I'm starting to think this is, in Batshit's I-hesitate-to-call-it-a-mind, some brilliant piece of performance art in which the droning boredom of the set of strips reflects the droning boredom of being on hold.

...Nah, I'm giving Batshit too much credit again. But still, it's true: Mallard Fillmore is as boring as being on hold for a whole week.

Kip W said...

I'm used to Fred Fucking Basset being funnier than Mallard. Now I'm beginning to realize it's also more politically aware.

rewinn said...

Bill Maher can be funnier than this, once a minute for an entire hour, EVERY WEEK.
His new thing Crazy Stupid Politics is worth the time!

And then there's Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert ... even Rachel Maddow is funnier than Mallard Fillmore, every freakin' day of the week. And when it comes to effective comic political commentary, you don't get much better than getting the GOP to reverse its position on State-mandated rape

Rootbeer said...

"...expect us to wait..."?