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Monday, February 13, 2012

That damned Derision

What's Mallard raving about today?

Joe Biden

Mallard Fillmore, confusing "assertion" and "facts" since 2004.

As near as I can tell the only derision Joe Biden has come in for recently is for mixing up the nickname of the San Franscisco football team at a fundraiser in San Francisco, creating division between fans of two teams about to meet in the playoffs.

Shocking and, truly, grounds for impeachment.


dlauthor said...

If hiding your embarrassing running mate* were a valid tactic, wouldn't Cheney have done it in '04? Or, for that matter, whoever gets picked to not be Veep for the Republicans this year?

* We're setting aside for this post the fact that Biden is embarrassing only within the cavernous echo chamber that is Tinshley's cranium.

Kip W said...

Yes, once again Mallard's deridin'
The so-called gaffe master, Joe Biden
If Joe gaffed thrice as much,
He still couldn't touch
That Bush kid the GOP's hidin'.

rewinn said...

It's not the lazy art and stupid premise of today's "comic" that hurts so much, but the complete failure to produce a limerick that scans correctly.

A normal person can do it drunk or sober, so what's Tinshley's problem?

Rootbeer said...


Steve-O said...

The GOP "frontrunner" Mitt
Says things that are stupid as shit
When he talks of the poor
People laugh and abhor
The things that come out of his pit

(That's how it's done dipshit)

Kip W said...

For Mallard, it's never too late
To harp on old statements to hate
When it comes to chidin'
That "gaffer," Joe Biden,
He'll party like 2008.

rewinn said...

It's Tuesday and I haven't seen DaveyK's latest, so let me urge all Mallard Fillmore critics ...

... (who I assume aren't interested in poisoning our nation to speed Canadian oil to China) ...

... to contact Congress TODAY about the resurrection of Keystone

CW in LA said...

I'll cheerfully admit that the clean and articulate thing Biden said in '08 was pretty damn dumb.

However, when Shrub would say and Willard and Neut are saying stuff equally dumb when not downright horrific every stinking week, acting like Biden is sort of loose cannon is just sad.

The bar for adequacy for a vice president is extraordinarily low. But Biden clears it with no problem.

DiR said...

W once made planned out and prolonged jokes about not finding WMDs, in front of the entire Washington press corps.
But no, you go ahead and keep flogging on stupid thing Joe Effing Biden said 4 years ago.