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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Wait, where's the sanctimony?


Tog said...

This is a little more like it; Mallard is still completely unnecessary to the image (except that Tinsley needed something habitual to draw in order to avoid any real effort), but at least this one is more about the holiday's purpose than Tinsley's self-image masturbation.

Quote's a little weird, though, because most years Forgetful Bruce has berated us Stoopit Lazy Americans for NOT remembering that Memorial Day is more than an extended weekend.

One more thing, Tins: If you want to keep using that quote, maybe you should stop supporting traitors who treat our servicemen and servicewomen like a cheap box of army men that are destroyed for no good purpose, then promptly discarded for a fresh batch.

DiR said...

Whoops! Forgot to remove Talking Smug Duckhead Overlay #1 for today's strip!

It was nice of him to let one of the kids draw Arlington, though.

Frank Stone said...

Wow, two in a row! I guess this will make up for the next time he forgets Veterans Day.

You can draw as many consecutive Memorial Day strips as you want, Brucie; it won't change the fact that when it comes to honoring our men and women in uniform, Garry Trudeau is capable of doing more in a single strip than you could ever hope to in your entire miserable excuse for a career. Reality can be a real bitch, can't it? Must be that liberal bias it has.

rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

They don't make a flag big enough to hide the fact that Mallard Fillmore supports those who got our troops killed for profit.
And, on the evidence, is doing so again this year.

Rootbeer said...

If he had used just one more comma splice in that sentence, his next one would have been free!

I can't condemn the sentiment of wishing to honor the memories of those who lost their lives in service to their nation. But Bruce Tinsley graciously leaves plenty else for us to condemn.