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Saturday, May 19, 2012

That damned Help

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, President Obama, Voters

Mallard, too gutless to go full Birther, chooses the equally idiotic but more innocuous-seeming "The Media elected Barack Obama, not the Voters" path to de-legitimize his Presidency.

After all, Mallard disagrees with the result of the election, so it must not have been legitimate. What further proof is needed?


Frank Stone said...

Just a generic "Nightly News" again, Brucie? That's the second time this week. Surely you mean NBC Nightly News, don't you? Why so coy all of a sudden? What's wrong -- did that particular Fox-approved talking point finally get too pulpy and bile-drenched to hold in your mouth after all the times you've puked it up?

Tog said...

Oh, GOD, do I really have to walk back and pull out the blatantly-obvious comparison to Junior Bush again?! Again?!

(Of course, that just involved a Supreme Court "activist" violating the United States Constitution, so who cares, right? Because he's a conservative, not the "Liberal Media" bugaboo!)

Meanwhile, Tinsley's beloved teabaggers are entering the stage of insanity that comes after Birtherism: Afterbirtherism!

Face it, Bats: when the Birthers are getting so wiggy that even Orly Taitz thinks they're nuts, even you have to be afraid of what's taken over the GOP.

Kip W said...

As we all know, the LIBERAL press gave HUSSEIN OBAMA a FREE RIDE and continues to BLAME Bush for things that are REALLY the fault of JIMMY CARTER and FDR.

DiR said...

Yes, remind everyone of just how -soundly- Obama trounced the Republicans 4 years ago. I mean, that wasn't even -close-. Obama could have given up, like, three states to McCain, just for fun, and he still would have sailed to victory. Seriously, that might have been the most one sided victory since the last time the Harlem Globetrotters played *anyone*. Like, you know that part in Camelot, when Lancelot whips him some jousting? That was like how so completely Obama beat the Republican ticket. Maybe we should make a Constitutional amendment to not have to count ALL the votes once it's clear who the winner is, think of all the time that would have saved in 2008.

CW in LA said...

Just under 70 million people elected our president in '08, the highest number of votes received by any candidate in US history.

I mention that by way of inviting Brews to choke on 70 million dicks.

rewinn said...

I'd like to thank Sarah Palin for her help in electing Barack Obama, and ask why the GOP isn't going to nominate her for VP this year.

I mean, really, wasn't she a rising start and a shining example?

I'd settle for Michele Bachman or Rick Perry - why isn't the GOP giving the Tea Party a chance?

Kip W said...

CW, I'll wager over half those 70 million do not, in fact have dicks.

I'll add my hostile wish for Tinsley: that one day he looks in the mirror and realizes what he is. (I'm a cruel bastard.)

CW in LA said...

Hey, if some 55-60% of the dicks are strap-ons, it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Obama didn't need any help de-legitimizing his presidency. The tiny morsels of the Constitution which Bush didn't shred were mopped up by B.O.