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Thursday, May 03, 2012

That damned Record

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Now, it's unacceptable to speculate on what one's political opponent will do, if elected?

John Stewart eviscerated this as effectively as possible in a segment he called: "You are aware that the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex gives us the ability to store and recall past events as they occurred. right?"


Tog said...

Let's welcome IOKIYAR's inbred sibling: YCDTIYAD (You Can't Do That!! ...If You're A Democrat).

dlauthor said...

Frankly, Tinshley, there's plenty that Romney's already done in his vile excuse for a life that, in a sane country, would make him utterly unelectable. But since large chunks of the US are willfully, masturbating-to-pictures-of-bombing-victims-while-smeared-in-peanut-butter-and-singing-about-the-Rapture, bugfuck nuts, we'll just continue pointing out what a disaster he'd be as president and pop your disingenuous tut-tutting into this box over here that's marked "nobody listens to you anyway, you cretinous drunkard."

You may now proceed with the fucking off and the dying.

Steve-O said...

It pisses me off when Rmoney (not a typo) is described as a businessman. Mitt Romney is a businessman in the same way that Mark Cuban is a basketball player.

Investment bankers are not businessmen. Mitt Romney's "business model" was to acquire businesses (some of them successful), have the business leverage itself into a 50ft deep grave, pay himself and his cronies millions of dollars in "consulting fees", and then have the business declare bankruptcy.

This asshole doesn't deserve to be president, he deserves to be in jail. If you or I did this we would be arrested for fraud, but since it was done on a huge scale it's apparently legal.

I'm seriously considering moving to a different country if we as a nation are morally bankrupt enough to elect Mitt Romney president.

Kip W said...

Romney's the perfect GOP candidate, because the blow-out (see Steve-O, above) seems to be their model for governance.

rewinn said...

OFF TOPIC but too good to pass up: Zimmerman stupidly boasts on MySpace about his prior crime and his hatred of Mexicans.

According to the Miami Herald, his lawyer admits it's authentic. Whether Zimmerman can continue the pose of not being a racist wannabe gangsta depends on whether he can claim he was "born again".

CW in LA said...

Remember when Brews criticized Dick "The Dick" Cheney for saying that, if Kerry were to be elected in 2004, the US would be attacked again like it was on Sept. 11 (and after all, the perpetrator of said attack was still at large, thanks to Cheney's administration's failure for follow through on its promises to "smoke 'im out")?

Yeah, me neither.

Toots McGee said...

Hey Kip, I thought that was called a "bust out" (as defined in Goodfellas...which is nothing like the kind of operation that private equity firms engineer, and by "nothing like" I mean exactly the same.)

Rootbeer said...

And I'm sure nothing we hear from the Romney campaign or its unaffiliated (wink wink) PACs in the next six months will speculate on what Barack Obama would do if he were elected to a second term.

Even by Derpublican standards, the fallacy of this particular complaint is impressive.

Steve-O said...

You would think that the Romney campaign would want the focus to be on the future. I seriously doubt that he wants the public to focus on his past. How about those tax returns Rmoney?

Frank Stone said...

Um. Isn't the whole point of a presidential campaign to convince the country of what your opponent would do (BAD) as opposed to what you would do (GOOD)?

Since it kind of relates, check out this Maher New Rule from January:

New Rules: Who is Saul Alinsky?

Bill the Splut said...

A throwaway line from a recent Onion AV article about a different strip:

"...yet the early Funky [Winkerbean] has a lot in common with the early Doonesbury, in that both strips simultaneously make fun of and sympathize with all of their characters, regardless of how similar or dissimilar they may be to their creators’ point of view. That’s not the case with, say, Mallard Fillmore, where pretty much every regular character besides the titular duck is a strawman meant to make Mallard look like The Last Sane Voice In America.",73341/

WV: articar satiest, which is so close to "artist, satiric" which Tinny is so far from.

ajm said...

large chunks of the US are willfully, masturbating-to-pictures-of-bombing-victims-while-smeared-in-peanut-butter-and-singing-about-the-Rapture

That's slightly ambiguous. Who's smeared in peanut butter -- the bombing victims in the pictures or the US public looking at said pictures?

DiR said...

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Kip W said...

Toots McGee, sounds like a regional difference or something. I got the tem from this 2005 blog comment, which sums the whole thing up pretty well:

The Bush regime has dumped all kinds of social-service burdens onto the states, and the states can't fund them. It was a beautifully cynical move: the states have been scrambling to cover the shortfall while gradually giving ground, so the magnitude of the disaster has only slowly become apparent. In the meantime, Bush & Co.'s friends have been doing a fast job of looting the country.

Huh. I've suddenly realized that I know the form of this scam: it's a blowout.

Here's the deal: Your basic blowout starts when crooks take control of a legitimate business that has a good credit rating, most often by entering into an agreement to buy it from its original owners, and possibly making a token initial payment.

In the next phase, the crooks start placing large orders for easily liquidated merchandise with the business's regular suppliers, and also with new suppliers who think they've acquired a valuable new customer. And since the orders are coming from an established business with a good credit rating, the suppliers don't ask for payment up front.

Meanwhile, the goods are being resold as fast as they come in, often at a fraction of their value. It's hugely wasteful, but the crooks don't care. Essentially, they're selling off other people's stuff and keeping the money, so anything they make off the deal is pure profit for them.

The suppliers send in their bills in due course, and meet with delays in payment. That's not an uncommon thing; and in the meantime, nobody wants to lose a customer that's obviously doing so much business. It takes some time for suppliers to start balking, and more time for them to start aggressive collection procedures.

At that point the business's new owners vanish, and all the money vanishes with them. Since they've never actually paid the agreed-upon price for the business, it reverts to the original owners. Unfortunately, what they get back is a plundered company that's deeply in debt to its suppliers and has a wrecked credit rating.

Thus with the national situation. The looting has been swift and efficient, but it's taken a while for the full extent of the plundering to become apparent. We're going to be feeling this one for a long time to come.

Which, of course, is among the reasons it's hard to pull the economy out at this point.

Steve-O said...

Wow Kip, that is EXACTLY how Bain Capital made billions, only on a much grander scale. Of course, totally legal.

Tog said...

@Kip W: That's what really made Junior Bush "the Next Reagan;" his burden-to-the-states shifting was just the continuation of Unca Ronnie's policies.