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Monday, May 14, 2012

That damned Trial

What's Mallard raving about today?

John Edwards, The Media

Mallard, when your big hope for election year advantage is John Edwards politically-motivated trial, you are in a bad situation.


Frank Stone said...

Riiight. And if Edwards were a Republican, you'd be whining that the media (as represented by NBC Nightly News, of course) was obsessed with him -- or, better yet, that he was being "tried by the media".

So much for "waiting until the facts come out" before commenting on an ongoing legal proceeding. Oh, right -- you only pretend that you do that. Never mind.

DiR said...

Edwards hasn't been relevant for 8 years. The only people who care about the trial are partisan hack jobs like Bruce.

Steve-O said...

Not to mention that nobody in the history of the world has been prosecuted for what Edwards is being accused of. This is a show trial brought on by a right-wing prosecutor to embarrass Democrats. If Edwards was a Republican we would be barraged by right-wing fake outrage over this trial.

Kip W said...

Mallard's just doing the job of the right-wing media: pointing out Enemies of the People, and leaving it up to the inevitable deranged followers to decide what to do about them.

Andrew said...

So- this has certainly been true before, but this "comic' (so to speak) really brought this forward to me.

Bruce Tinsley is a horrible writer.

Now, this has nothing to do with his political views- I'm just talking about form a basic structural standpoint. Mallard is a reporter/commentator for a local TV news report, right? so, why not do this strip as him bringing the idea up for doing a John edwards story to his boss, and then let his boss be shown as a partisan hack, giving some "liberal" excuse for not covering it? You could have this take a few days, showing just how corrupt the media is.

But, no- the duck apparently is too lazy to pursue a story on his own, preferring to slouch in front of a TV, watching others.

Tinsley- you're a fucking hack.

CW in LA said...

'and then let his boss be shown as a partisan hack, giving some "liberal" excuse for not covering it?'

Wait, are you seriously suggesting Brews come up with this excuse on his own, without his talking point supplier down at the wingnut welfare office providing it to him? My god, man, that sounds suspiciously like you're expecting him to do work! What sort of fantastic transformation are you postulating that he undergo here?

MissD said...

Yeah right Tinsley, like you even know there is a trial going on. What, did faux news say "Edwards - bad!" and now you have to make up something to complain about?
Please don't try to convince anyone that either you have a brain or follow current events!

ajm said...

Google News currently has about 7,390 news stories about "John Edwards." If this constitutes burying a story, I'd hate to see the media really start to cover it.

rewinn said...

@Andrew is right - the problem with "Mallard Fillmore" is not its reichwing politics, but the sheer and complete incompetence of its writing and art.

It seems to me that the politics and the incompetence are related. Good writing depends on some understanding of human nature, and most reichwingers are low-grade sociopaths. If you can't empathize with your audience, you can't understand why your writing and are are so bad. To make it worse, being open to criticism is anathema to reichwingers; you can't improve if you won't hear anything but praise.

Anonymous said...

The comment section here is always worth perusal whenever I despair of the possibility of intellectual discourse. "Most reichwingers are low-grade sociopaths" - now, that there's some broad-minded and intelligent commentary for you.

David in NYC said...

Not "broad-minded and intelligent" enough for you? OK, try this quote from noted 19th Centruy English philosopher John Stuart Mill:

"I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it." -- March 1866

Feel better now?