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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vacation Day

What's Mallard raving about today?

I have no idea, have fun in the comments!


dlauthor said...

Yup, about what I figured. If you aren't piling up steam-table crap from the Old Country Buffet into a heart-attack-and-diabetes mountain, you're not eating real food, like they eat in "Amercia."

Yeah, sometimes plating gets a bit ridiculous in fancier restaurants (which Mallard's apparently eating in alone, for some reason), but at least they're trying to do something more than see how much sodium and transfats they can cram onto a single plate.

I wonder if he'd be as against layering if someone offered him a free B-52.

rewinn said...

"I eat alone,
Yeah with nobody else,
You know when I eat alone
I prefer to be by myself..."

I wonder why that's such an inspiration to Bruce Tinshley?

Rootbeer said...

Oh, SNAP~!

Take THAT, "haute cuisine" trends of the early 1980s!

Steve-O said...


Tog said...


(Because the Job Creators, they sit on the couch with a spoon and a nuked bowl of Manwich and Easy Mac, amirite? All splayin' at the teevee, all wearin' tee shirts with suspicious yellow stains)

DLAuthor said: "Amercia."


Frank Stone said...

Good grief -- he's really doing a week of this?

Let me see if I've got this straight: Mallard is the kind of blue-collar, hardscrabble working joe who has to do his wash at the laundromat, but he's eating dinner in a fancy-shmancy gourmet restaurant (which, as I mentioned before, is exactly the kind of place Rush Limbaugh would eat; why are you mocking your hero like that, Brucie?). How is he planning to pay, since the bill will probably be roughly what he "earns" in a week?* Is he taking his cue from Steve Martin's character in The Lonely Guy, pretending to be an esteemed food critic so as to minimize the awkwardness of eating in a restaurant alone, and then having his meal comped by the pandering waiter? Or is he just going to do a dine-and-ditch?

*If this nonsense continues into tomorrow, I can only guess the price of his fancy dinner will be the next thing he complains about.

Frank Stone said...

Of course, that should have been "the kind of place WHERE Rush Limbaugh would eat". Or did I have it right the first time? ;)

MissD said...

This trend has been over for at least a decade. Nice restaurants no longer do this. But apparently fast food joints in Indiana are starting to.

Bill the Splut said...

Maybe he finally got around to renting "Ratatouille."