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Sunday, May 06, 2012

That damned Year

What's Mallard raving about today?

College Athletes

In what way would a non-athlete college student provide "entertainment to a lot of people" during his one year at college? Is Mallard advocating prostitution as a means for paying college tuition?

Kidding aside, this may be the stupidest thing Mallard has ever written.


DiR said...

I have no fucking clue what he's talking about, so I don't have a reaction to today's strip.
I assume it's stupid, though.
Christ, hold on, I guess I gotta google this shit, one sec...
Nope, that didn't help any. This strips is fucking stupid. I think he's complaining about college learns being dumb? I dunno. I suspect that 'one and done' does not mean what Bruce thinks it means.

DiR said...

wow, "college learns'? herp derp.
I split the difference between 'college students', and 'not learning' annnnd that's what I came up with, I guess.

I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

I had to look it up; the only time I've seen 'one and done' used is by Huffpost trolls talking about Obama's term.


In the aftermath of the entire starting lineup for Kentucky declaring for the 2012 NBA Draft, the phrase "one-and-done" has been put out on a silver platter and beaten to a pulp.

I suppose that's the best time for the dumb duck to pull out his hammer and start banging away.

Kip W said...

There's the difference between Tinsley and DiR. One of them can tell when he's made a mistake. The other, I'm slowly becoming convinced, is some kind of defective AI that powered by a five-gallon jug of aphids.

rewinn said...

The sheer incompetence of the concept, scripting, layout, pencils, inking and every other aspect of today's "comic" makes it a meta-comic: so bad that it's funny.

Gaia be praised! Thanks to the internet, no trees were killed printing today's Mallard Fillmore.

Kip W said...

But the duck isn't in it, so we win again.