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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

That damned War

What's Mallard raving about today?

The War on Women, Abortion

Republican legislatures across the United States actually rolling back reproductive rights and workplace rights for women.

Someone with Democratic Party affiliation saying something stupid about Ann Romney on CNN in their role as a pundit.

False equivalency at it's finest.

Bonus points for just tossing abortion into the mix.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Democrats have tried to reduce abortions, with efforts to make contraceptives more readily available.
The Republican power-base (ultra rich, Wall Street, etc.) only pretends to be religious and pro-gun, as it guarantees them a large block of voters who will vote against their own interests, no questions asked. The majority of these people will NEED social security, medicare, medical insurance, etc., but will vote against these if NRA (for example) supports a candidate. And the majority of the tea party voters will not benefit much from the tax cuts that they think they are voting for, but the Koch brothers and oil companies certainly will.

Rootbeer said...

Given the nuanced and thoughtful understanding of contemporary feminism, I have to assume today's strip is part of a series exhorting President Carter not to approve the joint resolution extending the deadline for ERA ratification.

Steve-O said...

Republican playbook tactic #472: To deflect critism of our own troglodyte actions and policies, find a remark made by anyone who happens to be a Democrat (or someone we can paint as a Democrat) and crank up the fake outrage machine to 11. Lather, rinse, repeat. Only works when the American public is stupid or not paying attention, so, all the time.

MissD said...

Tinsley is really getting repetitive and boring. So here's a comic that pretty much describes Tinsley and republicans in general.

Frank Stone said...

Dear Mr. Noseworthy,

It has come to my attention that an employee at your television station, one Mallard Fillmore, has been receiving secret payments from Fox News Channel in exchange for promulgating their talking points during his broadcasts for WFDR. This blatant breach of professional ethics clearly represents a serious conflict of interest on the part of Mr. Fillmore.

It is my recommendation that you take steps to address this deplorable state of affairs as soon as possible.


A concerned viewer

Tinsley's Worthlessness said...

Here is some news Tinsley will love: The Nazis are in control of a country with thousands of years of advanced technological and social standards. Yes, they are the minority, but I think America demonstrates that the loudest, stupidest, most extreme factions are the ones who are most successful. ( Tinsley will only have one complaint: That the Nazis are too nice, peaceful, progressive and sensitive for him.

Tog said...

This just in: The man who thought "committing Chantelcide" was a hi-hi-hilarious punchline pretends to give a shit about women in order to take a phony shot at stoopit liburulz.

Oh, hey, lookit that! Tinsley's protesting a not-real war! How not-real brave of him!

DiR said...

It's always fun when Bruce tries to play Logic Train. Like watching a toddler play Fine Art.

But it gives me an excuse to bring this up; there's a very simple test to see if a pro-lifer is full of shit. A woman is returning home. On her way home, she is jumped, beaten, and raped. The rape results in a pregnancy. Should she be allowed to abort the fetus?
If you answered 'yes' then your anti-abortion stance has nothing to do with protecting human life; you think women should be punished for having sex, the whores. Congratulations.

Bill the Splut said...

Ann Romney, a stay-at-mansion mom. She sure had her hands full, directing the nannies to change the diapers and ordering the maids to spotlessly clean the car elevator.

My two best friends: one's the son of an unwed teenage mom, the other was one. You think that those young women had an easier life raising a kid while trying to hold down a job than millionaire wife Ann Romney had in her life of utter privilege? Fuck you, Brucehole and all Republicans, for even daring to suggest otherwise.

rewinn said...

The GOP opposes helping homemakers with daycare and more than a miserly welfare system, and I salute Mallard Fillmore for calling them out on this.

But I can't support the "unborn women" bit. He's saying that because about half of all fertilized eggs are genetically female, all pregnant women are the property of the State.

Kip W said...

Mallard pretending he cares is as convincing as Mallard pretending he thinks.

David in NYC said...

The "War on Homemaker Women"? Seriously? You mean, like the kind embedded in a statement like this:

"I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids."

Since it was Ann Romney who said that, I'm guessing the answer would be "No."

So, WTF are you talking about, Brewski?

Tinsley's Worthlessness said...

Today's comic: Tinsley shows his wonderful sense of timing, running this right after the Nazis win in Greece. We know that is a bad thing, but to his low-single-digit I.Q, complete amorality and love of killing everyone, and complete misunderstanding of social and political concepts, that is a wonderful first step to an utopia, utopia that can only be achieved if the Nazis become much more extreme.

Word Verification: Sofpo, Tinsley thinks Nazi death squads are far too sof' police.

Steve-O said...

Today's Mallard is an example of Bruce Tinsley's cowardice.

Memo to Bruce Tinsley:
Name names and cite examples or shut the fuck up.
I've noticed that you only give "citations" when said "citations" back up the point you are lamely trying to make.