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Thursday, May 17, 2012

That damned Email

What's Mallard raving about today?

Habitually Offended People

Mallard Fillmore, smirking when Straw Men win his arguments for him since 1994.

Blissfully unaware that Straw Men reveal the absolute emptiness of one's argument.


Tog said...

"Signed, The Moral Majority (No, Seriously, We Are)."

I guess it finally sunk into Batshit's spongy brain that everyone knows about his time-lag; normally he would fake the "outraged response" mail immediately after the strip in question, two full weeks before that strip saw print.

But it's still hilarious that Batshit is so butthurt that people disagree with (or simply ignore) him that he's compelled to concoct these I'M NOT MAD, NO U strips to comfort himself with delusion.

Here's the truth, Bats: You may be a vile, bigoted scumbag, but you very rarely have the juice to actually offend me. Rush Limbaugh's writers regularly come up with "outrageous" comments" designed to deliberately offend the sensibilities of any rational, civilized human being, but you? You're just another Internet Tough Guy making up just another SUPER COOL STORY BRO about how everyone else is mad that you're so smooth.

DiR said...

It's super easy to win arguments when you get to make up what your opponent says, isn't it?
Regardless, the type of people who write-in to complain to the newspapers? They're not titans of clever debate. Way to keep the bar high, Bruce.

rewinn said...

Why are the people who complain about a nonexistant War Against Christmas, War Against Religion and so forth ... writing to Mallard Fillmore?

CW in LA said...

Or maybe he's talking about the people who were deeply, deeply offended when the president put his feet up on the vary same desk every other president put his feet on, or when he suggested that the police officer who arrested a man in his own home for mouthing off was acting foolishly, or when he mentioned that if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin? That kind of habitually offended?

Kip W said...

If nobody complains, then the strip must be doing okay, and Tinz winz! If somebody complains, then he's controversial, and Tinz winz again!

There's some kind of subtle point here. I think it's "And the pig enjoys it."

Rootbeer said...

I tried for a few moments to understand why the author thought what he had written comprised a 'joke', but if he couldn't even bother to notice he used a singular subject in the first half of the compound sentence, and a plural in the second, I've already spent more time thinking this through than he did.