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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Those damned Hobbies

What's Mallard raving about today?


Yeah, wasn't funny yesterday. Adding a whole bunch more words doesn't make the exact same "joke" funnier.

Leave the restaurant, Mallard. Problem solved.


dlauthor said...

Next up, Tinshley takes on the dastardly menace of ethnic food. It's not even made by white people! SOME OF THEM ARE BROWN! AND SPEAK SPANISH!


wv: one of the words was Gaia. I'm hoping that the presence such a crunchy-commie-librul word near his work made Tinshley break out in a rash without knowing why.

CW in LA said...

Looks like this week's hobby horse is the self-proclaimed anti-elitist reverse-snobbery typified by the Gorilla from Wasilla, that if Walmart, Taco Bell, and reality TV aren't your most favoritest things, you're not a Rill Amurkin.

At least this one apparently spares us the Duck Crotch.

Frank Stone said...

What's funny is that this is precisely the kind of high-minded, fancy-pants dining establishment where one would expect to find Mallard/Brucie's multimillionaire heroes Rush or Sean, topping off their delicately exquisite gourmet meals with insanely expensive bottles of wine.

I guess you're only really a snooty elitist foodie if you're a dirty librul, huh, Mallard?

rewinn said...

If this "comic" was something happening in reality, the waiter would be making a pretty decent joke, and the appropriate response would be a snicker from the diner.

But duck just does not get it. Is he stupid, or suffering from depression?

Bill the Splut said...

Just hours ago I was in a local restaurant and had a bison burger with aioli. I guess all we fancy-pants elitists drive Honda Fits and are lower-middle-class managers in liquor stores, huh Bruce?

My complaint here: the waiter did not have a clipboard. In fact, I have never in my life been in a restaurant where the waitstaff carried clipboards. And worse, this is the third time this week there has been a clipboard! (Check out Sunday's strip) WHERE IS OUR MOST BELOVED MALLARD CHARACTER OF ALL, "SHEAF OF PAPERS," BRUCE? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SHEAF?!

Sorry about that. Bruce stopped reading at the word "liquor" anyway.

rewinn said...

This just occurred to me: the duck is in a restaurant that serves patrons who aren't wearing pants.

The waiter is male.

Now, there's nothing WRONG with this, but it's kinda raw for the newspapers, isn't it?

Or are there any print newspapers still printing this thing? The Seattle PI went out of print years ago - it's just a website now and, frankly, "publishing" something like this on a website is just setting up a data feed.

DiR said...

Mike: Say, Crow, do you ever consider a fantasy where you're happy and successful?

Crow: Naw, I like the 'Debbie' one better, Mike.