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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

That damned Card

What's Mallard raving about today?

Press, Race Cards

Whoever had May 9 as the day when Mallard would first trot out the "we're not the racists, you're the racists!" line of reasoning in the Trayvon Martin case wins the pool!

Unfortunately, someone should have told Zimmerman himself...


MissD said...

It's the Tinsley affect, it's so simple -
When you say, "fu**ing n***ers" that's not playing the race card. That's just normal Republican speak.
It's when you say, "How dare you call us fu**ing n***ers", that's the race card.

Steve-O said...

In the right-wing bullshitosphere the only racism that exists is reverse racism.

obdurate hater of rhythm games said...
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Tinsley's Worthlessness said...

Wonderful, Tinsley, perfect time to run this one. Your superiors in Greece have won 10% of the vote, and their plans to put all the immigrants in concentration camps; blow up the Turks; kill all their political enemies; and start World War III, just as they did World War II; though far less extreme then your policies, are things you fully support. Please move to Greece so you can be with your substantially, rather than infinitely, moral and intellectual superiors.

I could have repeated what I said in the comments on the previous posts, but unlike Tinsley, I care about the quality and integrity of my work.

Word Verification: Jectly etAlps, if the Greek Nazis' plans succeed, we might be able to jectly flee to the Swiss etAlps, but if Tinsley's plans succeed, nowhere will be safe.

CW in LA said...

Sounds like a case of "He who smelt it, dealt it."

Frank Stone said...

For someone who was going to "wait until the facts come out" before commenting on the Zimmerman case, Mallard/Brucie sure has been finding a lot of ways to talk about it.

Tog said...

We knew he was going to start scraping the bottom as soon as he issued that preemptive non-apology to all us "habitually offended."

Batshit doesn't throw piss at gays very often (the only recent instance I can recall is the Persecuted Conservative College Professor thinking "It's just not natural!" in a strip from 2011), but somehow I think that's about to change dramatically.

Get the popcorn.

ajm said...

Much of the media race-mongering vis-a-vis the Trayvon Martin case has come from talk radio show hosts -- few of whom, for the record, ever went to J-school.

Kip W said...

Tinsley can count on racists, so he knows he can always fall back on "complaining about racism is the worst racism of all" line, which seems to be the only arrow in his quiver some days.

What a miserable, crabbed little soul it is that finds itself defending the indefensible, day in and day out. The drinking can't be helping any.

David in NYC said...

Just on a practical level, this strip is stupid.

I have known several members of the working press, and the only thing I've ever heard them say they always have is a notepad and a pencil.

But, why let reality get in the way of your paranoid fantasises?