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Friday, May 25, 2012

That damned Perk

What's Mallard raving about today?

Smartphones, China

Isn't that cute! Mallard actually thinks 300 million people read his work.


Tog said...

Bruce, would you care to remind us why that particular nation holds $1.3 trillion in US Treasury Bonds? (Hint: Getting into multiple quagmires ain't pay for itself. But think about how it's gonna boost the economy to the moon and flood MERIKA NUBBER WUN with free oil! Any day now!)

...Oh, hey, lookit that. Mallard is vociferously against unlawful imprisonment and torture! Of dissidents, no less! When did Bruce "evolve" into some fruity, Occupy/Arab Spring-lovin', terrorist-huggin' McCain-esque stoopit liburul commie rat?

Kip W said...

300 million people? What Chinese newspaper carries this strip?

dlauthor said...

Hmm, looks like Mallard wants to use a product manufactured in a manner made untenable by economic and political conditions he reveres to the point of hagiography, and is too lazy to do any research himself so he's resorting to lazy sponging off the masses he despises because it's convenient for him at the moment!

Ooooops, I forgot to tell a joke!

dlauthor said...

Forgot to add: ... while bolstering his ego with claims of popularity rendered utterly invalid by even a momentary consideration of reality!

Steve-O said...

Hey look everyone, Bruce Tinsley just told us how stupid he is. Not that his stupidity isn't in full diplay daily, it's just that he finally dropped all the pretenses.

Bill the Splut said...

HA HA HA! Dude, half the time I don't think your editor reads your strip!

WV: icurrld irelever. ThisClose to "incurably irrelevant."

DiR said...

What, would 'dog eating' not fit?

Jobs being sent overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor, born from a lack of labor / civil liberty laws in craphole countries.
Why does Bruce hate American capitalism?

ajm said...

"300 million people"

Memo to Bruce Tinsley: Those pink elephants you constantly see in front of you DON'T qualify as people.

Frank Stone said...

So what's the formula for converting smartphone years into people years? Oh, wait -- I don't care.

And on behalf of all the Internet users of Earth who are not looking at your strip today, Mallard/Brucie (which would be roughly 99.999999999999% of them, contrary to your little delusion), let me just say:

You want us to chew your food for you, too? Do your own damned homework.

Kip W said...

Say, isn't Nokia made in North Korea? It's right there in the name!

(Fighting impulse to write a really stupid, 'helpful' letter...)

Tog said...

@FrankStone: Ha ha ha, no, that's not gonna happen. If he did the research, he might learn something, and then he'd no longer be eligible for wingnut welfare.

rewinn said...

Truly this is among the weirdest Mallard Fillmores ever.
The cellphone/peopleyears lines looks like it was a joke starting to form, but it didn't get written right. With a little editting, it might've worked.
Then there's the shout-out to inhumane working conditions in China. Hey, that's something we could agree on ... we need to stop exporting jobs to nations that undercut us by abusing workers. But is Mallard Fillmore really brave enough to denounce his own GOP?
I'm sure he's just confused but if he wants to stand up for worker rights anywhere in the world, I'm with him. Of course, if he did the same for American workers, he might have some credibility.
The ONLY way that our great nation will get off our addition to near-slave labor abroad is to get back to using tariffs to protect our industries, and that means moving at least one political party into something at liberal as Dwight Eisenhower.