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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Those damned Voters

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Mitt Romney, Voters, NASCAR

Given Romney's massive gaffe at the NASCAR event he attended, is this really your best line of attack on President Obama?


Steve-O said...

Does any sane person believe that President Obama gives two shits about the "NASCAR vote"?

Bill the Splut said...

Obama is an ELITIST and the Republican multimillionaire who gets $20M a year for breathing isn't! He only has "some great friends who are NASCAR team owners"! TOTALLY not elitist! Joe Sixpack will vote for him! Especially once the six pack's in him election day!

Someday the Rev Moon will have no further use for you, Bruce. Then you'll have to turn to a different kind of "sucking for booze money" than you're used to.

rewinn said...

Lord Rawmoney has no need to visit Whole Foods. He has servants to do that for him!

dlauthor said...

Hmm. He includes Romney here, which is interesting.

Looks like Tinshley's one of those Republicans who's all pissy that Romney's going to be the nominee, probably because Mittens doesn't necessarily want to shoot all brown people on sight.

Vote with your vote, Bruce. You're in Indiana. If you don't like Romney as a candidate, stay home. Or vote, but write in Walter Williams or Veronica Mars or some Kentucky football team, if you prefer. Just don't vote for Mitt! Convince your family and frien -- uh, your family and the other people at the bar -- to follow your noble lead. Get a movement started! Do it today!

Well, after you finish that beer.

MissD said...

I too am puzzled at this dig at both Obama and Romney. I could have understood this cartoon and Mallard's intentions 2 months ago. But now? When Romney is the only one left standing. Could it be that Tinsley is voting for Obama? Or is it just that once again, Tinsley has shitty timing in addition to his shitty drawings?

DiR said...

Bruce, once again, shows his true communist contempt for the free market. What's wrong, COMRADE? The taste of fiscal success falling bitter on your tongue?

Tog said...

Well, again, Tinsley likes to pretend he's "independent," so he'll take the occasional dig at Romney just as he did at McCain last time around.

Of course, since Romney is white (and since Tinsley can't draw) Tinsley will take far fewer and lighter snaps at his ankles.

He doesn't want to end up strapped to the roof of the car, you know.

CW in LA said...

I'm not sure why Brews is getting all self-righteous on behalf of NASCAR fans; he's pretty well demonstrated his fandom lies in the direction of college football and, as today's effort reminds us, trashy reality TV.

Oh, and booze. Lots and lots of booze.

Kip W said...

"Today's effort"...

Not bad, but it still dignifies it too much. How about "today's attempt"?

Raynfala said...

This comic puts the "WTF" in "WTF".

Rootbeer said...

I'm impressed he remembered that Romney was also an arugula-eating NASCAR-gaffing elitist in time to shoehorn his name into this one. However, only the president gets singled out to be drawn standing and thinking elitefully.

Probably just hasn't figured out how to draw Romney yet. But when has that stopped him with Obama?

Omitted: any explanation for why a person should think that enjoying NASCAR is preferable to, or even incompatible with, shopping at Whole Foods.

Tog said...

@Rootbeer: Tinsley has attempted to draw people he likes, worships, or is neutral towards in the past. The results have been, well...counterproductive.

OT: Christ, I'm enjoying the Blowback at Doonesbury right now; butthurt Romniroids trying to convince everyone that Romney's bullying (battery bordering on rape) incident is either No Big Deal (not like how OBAMA HAD A PUPPY BUT HE EATED IT, anyway), or that it is actually helping Mitten's campaign. Somehow.

Hoo hoo hee hoo hah!

(Tip to the Romniroids: It's not the long-past incident, as ugly as it was; it's his less-than-convincing pretense that he blissfully doesn't recall it while everyone else involved remembers it all too clearly, to their regret. Look up "disingenuous" sometime.)