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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

That damned Facebook

What's Mallard raving about today?

Facebook, President Obama, Debt

I suppose if I were a hack comic, who had job security even when putting out drivel which tries and fails to connect America's National Debt and Facebook's upcoming IPO, I wouldn't worry about America following Europe's lead and implementing austerity measures which lead us back into a Recession.

Being, however, a being with a functioning intellect, I recognize that the fastest way to rectifying the debt situation is employment and rising wages.

Also, Mallard, Apple has something like $90b cash on hand, and could buy Facebook. So, you know, even on that made a bad choice. I really wonder what it's like to suck so bad at something.


Anonymous said...

And once again we are reminded of the fraudulent and hypocritical, so-called tea party, that did and said nothing while Bush created this huge debt out of a budget surplus. I never heard of them until after the election.

Rootbeer said...

Of all the corporations trying to buy our government, Facebook is among the very least worrisome to me.

MissD said...

Good point Rootbeer. Why doesn't Tinsley get angry about how the Koch Brothers already bought the country.

Kip W said...

MissD, the Koch Brothers are the boss. Democrats get mad at the boss. Republicans kiss his ass.

David in NYC said...

@Kip W:

Well, you know the old saying (a Rethuglican party platform plank, IIRC):

Kiss up and punch down.