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Saturday, May 05, 2012

That damned Stuff

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

For a man whose going to be forced to vote for Willard "Mitt" rMoney, because that's the best his party has to offer, this is big talk, indeed.


Kip W said...

Obama's so inefficient! He'll hold onto an idea for months or years, as opposed to Romney, who can change his mind several times a day.

There's a germ of not-completely-wrong in this, though. Obama the Candidate was closer to the real middle than he is now. I'd give Tin Eye the "Blind Pig" award, which consists of a gold (spray painted) acorn glued to a piece of wood, since the chances of him coming this close to the truth again are vanishingly small.

Tog said...

Batshit just wants to (again) milk those nevercontents who come out of woodwork every election year to rend their shirt, declare that so-and-so has betrayed them, and swear that they'll vote for this year's Nader.

CW in LA said...

Now, in fairness, I don't believe Willard actually changes his mind as often as everyone says. Rather, he has no opinion on any of these topics to begin with, and says whatever he thinks will get him the furthest with the audience in front of him.

The closest I've heard to an actual belief on Rmoney's part is that young people looking to start out and get established in life should borrow money from their parents.

And Brews, it is unquestionably true that governing is much harder than campaigning. So if Willard is this unimpressive now, imagine how sorry a presidency of his would be.

Frank Stone said...

So Obama's presidency has been "same ol' same ol'", as opposed to his "early stuff" (which, according to Mr. Strawman's t-shirt, means his 2008 campaign)? What, exactly, has been the "same"? The phrase "same old, same old" typically refers to bland, uninspired repetition; I thought Obama was a Dangerous Radical Socialist™ who was destroying the country so he could remake it in his own Evil Marxist Communist Muslim image? Are you telling us that devious, monstrous undertaking is actually boring in comparison to his last campaign, Brucie?

Once again, I shudder at the thought of living in a world in which a strip like this makes logical sense.

rewinn said...

During the 2008 campaign Obama said that if he had actionable intel that bin Ladn was hiding out in Pastan and the locals could not or would not get him, Obama would.

For this, he was attacked by Lord Rawmoney, John McCain and even myself. But he did it, and pretty much everyone accepts that it was well done, so the question is ... was that the "Early Obama" ?

Tog said...

@Rewinn: "S-Stop politicizing 9-11!! It's disgusting! Besides, Dubya called Mission Accomplished No Tagbacks, like, years ago, so f*** all of you and your 'gotcha' reality! This just shows Obama's failure to lead! It's really good news for Romney! Shut up, it is!!"