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Sunday, May 20, 2012

That damned Indicator

What's Mallard raving about today?

Graduates, The Economy

"...Plus, you went to a school that could only get Mallard Fillmore for its commencement speech, so your life took a really bad turn somewhere."


Kip W said...

"Many of you possess no marketable skills and would fall by the wayside if left to your own devices. Let me tell you about Wingnut Welfare..."

Tog said...

Naturally, it is Obama who is the eco-fearmonger. Hey kids! You gonna die out there! And naturally, tax cuts for the Already Ridiculously Wealthy are the only solution...right, Tins?

"Job creation isn't easy, dawg. Even with record profits, you have to be in the mood. Right now, we job creators aren't feelin' it. Too many job-killing taxes and job-killing regulations and job-killing bills from Obama. Who wants to create a job that's just going to be killed?"
--Garry Trudeau: a cartoonist who can actually accomplish satire

Five panels, five nearly-identical fukkaduck heads, one thumb/index finger, lots of blather. ...Sunday!! I guess Tinsley thinks drawing the same image over and over again is somehow better than his bouts of copypasting.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that Bush Economy, extended as long as possible by congressional Republicans, really sucks.

DiR said...

Oooooh, Bruce digs at the gold trade market? His handlers are NOT going to like that one bit, no sir. Someone's gunna get an angry letter.

I'm trying to think, who would be a worse graduation speaker then MF? The only person I can think of is Dr. Strangelove. Well, no, that's not true; he would at least be fun to watch.
Oh, Dane Cook. Dane Cook would be worse.

rewinn said...

What a sad, cheerless world Mallard Fillmore lives in!
Can you believe that any young person reads this garbage? The internet has ten thousand or more better comix.

rewinn said...

I mean, seriously, the ad at the top of "Duck And Cover" is for GynoStar which is funnier yet just as political. Go have a laugh!

Bill the Splut said...

...says the least talented comics "artist" ever, who will always get a paycheck as long as the Reverend Moon draws breath.

ajm said...

Recent college grads might also deserve a break instead of a lecture, Tins. Just sayin'.