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Friday, June 01, 2012

Vacation Day

What's Mallard raving about today?

Again, no idea, so have at it!


ianmorris said...

even if that issue was cannon it retroactively never happened after flashpoint concluded.

ianmorris said...

the new 52 action comics written by Grant Morrison includes stuff like the superman of earth-23 being a stand in for Barack Obama named Calvin Ellis.

ianmorris said...

check out sh*t superman says as a palate cleanser

Anonymous said...

How about "Mission Accomplished" as a slogan?

Big Fat Heart said...

The issue in question came out over a year ago. Way to keep on top of the news, Mallard.

Steve-O said...

I see what Tinsley is trying to do here. He's trying to link "Un-American" Superman with "Un-American" Barack Obama. Granted, he's doing it stupidly and ham-handedly, but there it is.

Also, fuck you Bruce Tinsley, I just can't say that enough.

Anonymous said...

I can grudgingly accept that due to the vagaries of publishing, Bruce's "comics" are generally 2-3 weeks behind the times (look for blathering about Obama and Poland around father's day!), but for Christ's sake this superman thing is a year old!

dlauthor said...

I look forward to 2018, when Tinshley finally has that long-awaited aneurysm because he found out that Green Lantern is gay now.

rewinn said...

"In Other News" is the giveaway line; Mallard Fillmore takes place in an alternate universe where irrelevant nonsequiturs are all that matters ... that is to say, modern conservativism.


Apr 27th 2011:
"Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship in 'Action Comics' #900"

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, today Lord Rawmoney is circulating a new lie:
“The Inspector General said [stimulus] contracts were steered to ‘friends and family.’”

1. The Inspector General did not say that
2. The Inspector General said nothing like that.
3. The ONLY SOURCE for such a claim is a line in a book by one of Palin's campaign workers LOL
4. "During the debate over the stimulus, experts warned that as much as 5% to 7% of the stimulus could be lost to fraud. But by the end of 2011, independent investigators had documented only $7.2 million in fraud, about 0.001%. As I’ve written, reasonable people can disagree whether the stimulus was a good thing, but it’s definitely been a well-managed thing."

Read more:

Steve-O said...

Rmoney is one of the most shameless liars I have ever seen. He may actually be worse than Palin. If this charlatan gets elected president I will seriously consider packing up my family and moving to Canada.

MartyRotten said...

I would have thought Superman was over his head. But I guess he's stopped reading Archie since they've recently introduced an openly gay character.

MissD said...

The only politician to actually apply for citizenship with a foreign country was the ultra conservative bigot Michelle Bachmann.
So perhaps she is who Tinsley is talking about?
Bachmann later regreted her unpatriotic behavior and renounced her Swiss citizenship when she found out their tax rates were higher, they had a single payer socialized health care system, and that they didn't hate gays like her overweight husband Marcus.

Frank Stone said...

Another desiccated turd from "Up-to-the-Minute" Mallard. Maybe next he can complain about the storyline from 1987 in which Steve Rogers chose to resign as Captain America rather than become a tool of the U.S. government.

DiR said...

So, uh, hey there, Brucey boy. How ya doing? Good, good, glad to hear that fresh bottle is working out for you.
Superman? Yeah. Illegal Alien.
Maybe don't use him as the paragon of everything that's right about America? Just a suggestion.
Supes actually gets quite a bit of crap for being US Government Boy Scout, a sort of Boxer to Uncle Sam's Napoleon, if you will.
In fact, aren't most of the JLA non-Americans, if not non-humans?
I know, I know, your wingnut welfare contract stipulates a knee-jerk martyrbation to everything, but Supe's reasoning makes solid sense. Hell, he's essentially -privatizing- is superness AND going Galt! You should be in favor this.
Fucking moron.