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Friday, June 15, 2012

That damned Rumor

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden

In 2008, the rift between Candidate Obama and Hillary Clinton was going to doom his Presidential bid, according to concern-troll Mallard.

In 2012, the rift is between Secretary of State Clinton and Vice President Biden.

Plus, Vice President Biden is a font of slurs and obscenities. There are after all, upwards of 2 specific examples Mallard can point to in the last 6 years.

In a nutshell, this is the level of rational thought of which Mallard Fillmore is capable.


dlauthor said...

Nothing reminds me so much of what a revolting, misogynistic bag of diseased cocks Tinshley is than when he tries to "draw" Hillary. Seriously, I'm genuinely curious how his supposedly liberal wife can be married to such a sleazewad without yielding to the overwhelming urge to smother him with a pillow while he's passed out.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, look -- Mallard/Brucie suddenly remembered that he hates Joe Biden.

And I would never have guessed in a million years that that was supposed to be Hillary Clinton. Bravo, Brucie -- just when I thought I couldn't have a lower opinion of your artistic talents, you go and prove me wrong.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"what a revolting, misogynistic bag of diseased cocks Tinshley is"

In the immortal words of Doug Walker to Roger Ebert, "YOU'RE TOO FUCKING NICE!" If Grendel's mother did sex with the Joker, producing a son who fucked Lena the Hyena, the result would still look more human than this pustulent rodent -- or, for that matter, than the pustulent rodent's caricature of Hillary.

"I'm genuinely curious how his supposedly liberal wife can be married to such a sleazewad without yielding to the overwhelming urge to smother him with a pillow while he's passed out."

Absent some public statement to the contrary from Arlette Cooper herself, I will assume it's because True Father sealed the two of them for eternity, along with 8000 of their closest friends and co-religionists, and she doesn't want to pollute her whole lineage forever, lest she be enmeshed in the coils of democracy which, per said True Father, have made America "Satan's Kingdom."

Anonymous said...

Let me put this in a way that is too nice to a lesser extent: Tinsley makes the Nazis look like Martin Luther King, his intelligence should disqualify him from being a human. and if he came into power, even as a local traffic-safety commissioner he would commit war crimes a million times worse than anyone before him.

CW in LA said...

I still think that if Biden were the unstoppable gaffe machine Tinsh insists he is, there would be a gaffe more recent than four years ago he could cite.

Plus, if the prez were the implacable black nationalist of wingnut fever dreams, wouldn't he have chosen someone else for his VP than someone allegedly given to the unbridled racism Brews attributes to Biden?

The ol' boozehound can't even keep his delusions straight.

DiR said...

Hillary Clinton looks just like Heath Ledger's Joker, right?

@CW These are the same people who think that there's a massive, institutional conspiracy to put a Kenyan in office... rather then just find someone who was just born in the US to be the puppet for their far-left Socialist Islamist Nazi agenda.

Tog said...

OT: Via Wonkette: Former (and recalled) Senate President Russell Pearce and his supporters today were shut out of two Mexican restaurants where they had requested to hold fundraisers for the Mesa Republican...who was a sponsor of Arizona's "suspicious while Brown" law.

Within hours, Oaxaca also cancelled Pearce’s event. Joseph Aguayo, the restaurant’s manager, told Arizona Capitol Times he did so after Garcia Blase contacted him and told him the event, which was registered under a different name, was actually to help Pearce raise money in his bid to return to the Senate after being recalled last year.

Mother of Flying Spaghetti Monster, some people never, ever touch bottom, do they. Please, please, PLEASE, Brucie Boy, please latch onto this one to inform us how WE'RE the REAL racists.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

This is how the Right has been taught to see Hillary. After all, she was undoubtedly guilty of all those crimes the press made up about her for years, even if those weaklings in the justice system couldn't seem to agree with them. It sort of reminds me of how that one Jack T. Chick artist draws evil kiddies.

Bill the Splut said...

Hey, TGIF!
It means we're unlikely to get more than another day of The One Thing Biden Said Four Years Ago, when last time, it went on for a WEEK!

rewinn said...

From a technical standpoint, the drawing is crappy since it doesn't evoke Clinton at all.

From a scripting standpoint, the text is just excessive, drowning the punchline in a flood of unnecessary words.

But the mark of true genius is the layout, which hides the punchline in the upper right corner ... to be missed by most readers.

It's a trifecta of hateful incompetence!

rewinn said...

BTW if Hillary and Joe switched jobs, so what?

Both have excelled in their role, especially compared to their predecessors, e.g. Cheney was put in charge of antiterrorism and did absolutely nothing in the run-up to 9/11. Bush's SoS's lead America into its greatest foreign policy disaster since the War of 1812, succeeding in squandering the universal goodwill we enjoyed post-9/11 in an orgy of profitseeking contractors.

Steve-O said...

rewinn is spot-on here.

I would also like to add that Bruce Tinsley is the most vile subhuman idiot on Earth.

That is all.