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Thursday, June 07, 2012

That damned Job

What's Mallard raving about today?

Jobs, Education

Was it really necessary to add "Drive-Thru"? Wouldn't "McDonald's" suffice?


Iron Dragon said...

Hmm, if I didn't know better I'd actually think this was a commentary on problems with the job market being that even those who have degrees and training often have to take jobs they are overqualified for due to debt and other issues.

dlauthor said...

"... so let me warn you about this failed cartoonist who likes to roll up drunk after last call, scream into the intercom about liberals and teachers and TV shows he hates, then try to pay for his order with vomit-stained napkins with a duck scribbled on them. God help you if he sees you're black or brown."

Kip W said...

Congratulations, Tinsley. Your sponsors have achieved the cheap labor utopia of their dreams. Sucks to be anybody else, of course.

Rootbeer said...


rewinn said...

"... or, you know, you could start a business retrofitting houses with energy-efficient appliances, photovoltaics and cisterns ... jobs that CAN'T be shipped abroad and make our nation stronger."

Did Brewsky leave that part out?

Yesterday we had a consult with a nice young cistern installer with a college degree. The system he proposes will pay for itself at the time of installation because it helps our city control stormwater; and over the 30-year system lifespan it'll save us $100 or more a year. That's a total win for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, these bits I'm am punching are brought to you courtesy of the photovoltaics on our roof (14-year payback period, 25-year guaranteed performance, 50-year likely performance based on history - and Made In America!), plus a salad made of ingredients from my backyard.

This sort of work is not for everyone, but it's a growing field (...pun ha-ha!...) and a source of hope, because the Lord Rawmoneys of the world can't own it.

MacDonald's LOLWUT? The future is bright for those with hope.

Tog said...

"Mitt Romney sounded an alarmist tone about the future of the free enterprise system on Thursday, arguing that a second Obama term could lead to the takeover of the economy by the government. In a speech at a Hispanic-owned business in St. Louis, Mo. 'One must ask,' Romney said, 'whether we will still be a free enterprise nation and whether we will still have economic freedom.'"

Wow. I hear he's also gonna kill yo' mama with his death panels.

No wonder Batshit's off on this tangent; he's got scant little else to run with. Remind us, Brucie--who's the fearmonger?

Meanwhile: Jobless claims fall. This can only be good news for Romney!

DiR said...

Loathe as I am to say it, Bruce is kinda correct for adding 'drive-thru', as that -is- the suckiest job in a foodplace.

I can understand Bruce's disdain for higher education. After all, he's been living just fine for decades now, utilizing only the amount of knowledge and critical thinking skills of a median 7th grader.

Frank Stone said...

This week-long snoozefest has GOT to be a top contender for Laziest Series of Strips Bruce Tinsley Has Ever Produced. Congratulations?