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Saturday, June 09, 2012

That damned Heart

What's Mallard raving about today?

Graduates, Jobs, Education

I am really bored, right about 3 days ago.


DiR said...

Jesus Christ, seriously? It's been 5 days, and it wasn't funny on day 1. We get it: kids are tards and not nearly as smart as you.

I didn't think this little run of his would last until Thursday. Silly me.

Meanwhile, Doonesbury is running a series about sexual assault within the military. You can see how these two authors compliment each other so well.

rewinn said...

"The Reichwing Hates Young People Number 237 In A Series"

Please y'all keep it up. They're getting the message!

Andrew said...

Wow. back on Monday, I wondered how long he could keep going with this. Never thought he'd make it to Saturday Bravo, Tinsley, bravo [SLOW CLAP]

In related news, the American Spectator is trying to lure young people to the conservative side. How, you may ask? Well, instead of appealing to their intelligence, praising their common-sense, or even just trying to see theri point of view, they've created a fund-raising effort and called it their "Hipster Rehabilitation Program".

Because, as Tinsly knows, the best way to educate someone is to insult them first.

Tog said...

I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

Tinsley's just following the herd like a good little sheeple: Specifically, he's following fellow intellectual coward Jonah Goldberg, who said this:

"It is a fact of science that nothing correlates closer than stupidity and youth...the fact that young people think socialism is better than capitalism, that’s proof of what social scientists call their stupidity and their ignorance and it’s something that conservatives have to work harder to beat out of them, either literally or figuratively as far as I’m concerned."

Yes, suddenly neocons luv teh science and facts thereof.

Having refused an opportunity to actually "beat" a liberal into submission (see link above), and having incurred the ire of Young Republicans, Internet Tough Guy Goldberg has done what any neocon does in such a situation: doubled down.

"We shouldn’t pander to young people just because they’re young, we should educate them. That’s the core insight and job of conservatism. Civilization is a process, a verb. It is something we do to the jumble of glandular impulses we call young people. We are invaded every generation by barbarians, Hannah Arendt said, 'we call them children.'"

Which I suppose is why wrongwing lawmakers forever seek to further gut public education and "teach the controversy."

Keep it up, Jonah. You really think they're going to take you with them to Galt Gulch, don't you.

ajm said...

George Will's gotten a lot of mileage out of the conceit that liberals condescend to the common man. He always quotes Adlai Stevenson who, when asked if he wanted hecklers arrested back in the 1950s, said, "No, I wanted them educated."

Now Jonah Goldberg, the current hotshot conservative writer, says, "Civilization is a process, a verb. It is something we do to the jumble of glandular impulses we call young people."

So it goes.

Bill the Splut said...

"I'm going to civilization the HELL out of this verb! But first, I have to civilization down to the likker store and civilization some booze after I civilization my welfare check from the reverend Moon."

Rootbeer said...

According to the first writing analysis website I found on the internet, the text of today's strip is written at about a sixth-grade level.

I'm going to go ahead and round it down to fifth, actually, since an actual fifth grader would know not to start every sentence with an ellipsis.