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Monday, June 18, 2012

That damned Slogan

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mitt Romney

June 17, 2012: Mallard Fillmore endorses Mitt Romney.


Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchmen said...

This cartoon should appear by the phrase "retarded delusions of a racist" in the dictionary.

dlauthor said...

Surprise! He managed to fuck up his Romney caricature too.

rewinn said...

Other than the marginal "art", today's "comic" is reasonably done, almost neatly expressing what everyone knows to be true but won't say. But it really needs editting.

"In other news..." is completely useless. Either readers know the duck is a talking head news guy, or they don't.

"is rumored to be" is also completely useless. Every knows this is a political cartoon and it can't be sued for saying something that isn't provably true.

Even the throwaway line at the end could be sharened up ... Lord Rawmoney doesn't use the "is so" word structure that is so popular among today's kids. It would be more characteristic to say something like "Tell my P.R. man he's fired!"

rewinn said...

You know, it's more important to me to be fair than to be mocking.

Today's "Mallard Fillmore" is o.k. The particular art style is not to my taste and, as I noted above, the text needs editting badly! But the basic concept is to express something that everyone knows it true but doesn't want to say, and THAT my friends is what political cartooning is for.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Amazing. Romney never changes his expression, yet Tinsley can't catch up anyway.

Sean said...

Why is Romney's thought bubble emanating from his torso? Is he a robot being piloted by an alien like Krang from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?"

...Actually, that sounds about right.

Mallard Fillmore: The Only Hell said...

Thanks for admitting you dug your own grave, Tinsley. You Republicans reversed the process of evolution: You made the only viable candidates for control of the tribe the most extreme ones, then condemned those with any sort of rational thought, leaving only the worst to take control. I hope I live long enough to see your descendants devolve into bats, and with the new advancements in telomerase drugs, it is very possible I will one day dance on your great grandchildren's graves while their grandchildren go back to the caves.

Rootbeer said...

When Stephen Colbert's show has already been doing material with the premise that the GOP accepts Mitt Romney as their candidate only reluctantly -- since at least late April -- I can't award points to this strip for expressing "something that everyone knows is true but doesn't want to say."

It's an unoriginal joke and poorly executed across the board, but at least it's conceptually sound. Good job...?

Frank Stone said...

Translation: "Look! Look! See?? I can make fun of Republicans, too!! I'm totally fair and balanced! I'm not a partisan hack! I'm not! I'M NOT!!!!"

DiR said...

Mitt Romney: Sorry you all are stuck with me, and not the frothing, un-electable lunatic you wanted.

Seriously: Cain? Gingrich? SANTORUM? Mitt at least has a shot at beating Obama. The rest of those guys, he could just stay home for the next 5 months and win by 15%.

Frank Stone said...

Tom Tomorrow did it better.

Massive shock, I know.

Andrew said...

So, this is the strip Bruce was worried about a week or so ago, when he had the strip about not being able to draw Romney?

Why did you give yourself such tsouris, for so little effect?

Quick art note- human chins don't work the way you think they do. I know it's a caricature, but men with prominent chins (like, apparently, Romney and Obama)(?)aren't wearing flesh-colored Pharaoh-beards.