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Thursday, June 14, 2012

That damned Poll

What's Mallard raving about today?


Really? You think this needed to be said?


MissD said...

This stupid, insipid comic was obviously created by Tinsley to draw attention away from the fact that today is Flag Day. Why oh why does Tinsley hate America so much! "It's all about ourselves, and what we can do for ourselves, and no we won't pay taxes to fund the wars we want, we won't give any aid or assistance the veterans who fought those wars...just give me mine"

Frank Stone said...

Hur-hur -- yeah, 'cuz polls is stoopid an' worthless, an' they don't tells ya nuthin'.

Of course, if a poll result seemed to support one of Mallard/Brucie's preconceived notions, he'd be the first one to trumpet it at the top of his lungs and flog it to death for a week of strips, even if it was completely wrong (heck, especially if it was completely wrong).

DiR said...

The moron who just spent a week on statistics is now attacking statistics.

Tog said...

Friday's strip:

Racial slurs?
"Used-car salesman smile?"

Seriously, Bruce? All that, coming from someone who would bend over to let Dick Cheney buck him in the futt? From a clown who regularly tongue-bathes the feet of Rush, Coulter, Beck, Golberg, Hannity, Clarence Thomas, and so many other utter swine?

I might actually be offended, if I couldn't smell the desperation and flop-sweat over the Internet.

Andrew said...

Psssst- mallard?- Over here.

Your side uses polls, too. And you referred to one YESTERDAY!

Oh, and it's not a joke just to change it from "can't get out of jury duty" to "have time to take polls".

rewinn said...

I, for one, appreciate the sublime artistry underlying today's drawing of a duck - the awesomely understated cleverness in the slightly overarching eccentricity of the left pupil amusingly contradicts the Marxist vaporings of those who vaingloriously oppose the supremacy of one of the most highly contentious and celebrated comic strips, providing a unique conservative viewpoint to the comics pages - a veritable lightning rod for controversy with the right-leaning duck consistently addressing hot button issues and lampooning liberal politicians, the media and cultural establishments!

Truly, this is the best the Right has to offer.


Meanwhile, there's
How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard Came Up With Their Big Ideas