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Saturday, June 30, 2012

That damned Accusation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Social Darwinism, Fish

Mallard, if you are going to object to accusations of something like Social Darwinism, it helps to know what it means.

Small Middle Class fish running away from voracious JP Morgan Predator fish is NOT the example of Social Darwinism your masters want you to espouse.


Andrew said...

I'm trying to make this work in some way that isn't blatantly racist, or at least elitist.

Let's see- smaller, orange-y fish being attacked by larger dark fish- small white liberals are constantly being attacked by big black men, and don't run away (despite being faster) because- no, wait...

Let's say "faster" means "smarter"- So, smarter fish who use their brains to escape being attacked by dumb predators are being called social Darwinists by liberals. Except- the only people liberals might call social Darwinists are rich people who think their money means they are superior to poor people. So, the little fish is a rich person, who's being attacked by a poor person, and... yeah, that doesn't work, either.

I'll keep working on it- I can't sleep anyway.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

The Little People are Keepin' the Big Guys DOWN again. Damn bunch of second-raters!

(Any predictions on what we're getting three weeks from yesterday? Will it be the biggest display of sour grapes ever, or a completely unrelated cartoon about, say, Twinkies or school buses?)

CW in LA said...

I'm gonna go with incomprehensible sour grapes involving dinosaurs and bald cavemen.

rewinn said...

400 Americans own half of everything because they were afraid of being called Social Darwinists?

DiR said...

In addition to not knowing what social darwinism is, Bruce doesn't know how fish work. The smaller fish is almost certainly slower, but it's more agile, then the large fish.

@Andrew, notice how the big dark fish has huge lips and GLEAMING white teeth?