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Friday, June 22, 2012

That damned Mission

What's Mallard raving about today?

Green Lantern, Homosexuals

And, there we have it...Mallard has reached the point where he's saying that saving the world from a Super Villain is easier than portraying someone as gay without resorting to crude stereotypes.

But, you know, like with racism, it's everyone else who has a problem, not Mallard.


dlauthor said...

Fortunately, Tinshley isn't at all concerned about such matters in his own work. He's the stereotypical drunken racist loudmouth reactionary who doesn't know anything but sure thinks he knows everything, through and through.

Not really a positive role model of any kind, either.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Four balloons (or balloon-like slugs of text) and the word "gay" only appears three times? That sensitivity training seems to be taking hold. And they said 'sleep learning' was a pipe dream!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't even be bothered to draw the right Green Lantern, apparently. At least I think that's supposed to be Hal Jordan. Hard to tell given Bruce's lack of drawing talent.

Just another comic proving "research" for this comic is found in a bottle...

I would rather be ruled by the Greek Nazis than Bruce Tinsley said...

First, I thought that by distinctively, Tinsley meant flamboyantly or effeminately. I then realized that he thinks all gays are flamboyant and effeminate, so he thinks the existence of a strong, tough one is distinctive.

Frank Stone said...

Summary of this week's strips: "You are too much for me, Green Lantern, you sonofawhoreson bitch! I wish I knew how to quit you."

Anonymous said...

It has been a lame week, even by Mallard's standards.

MissD said...

Tinsley's goal is to be distinctively an asswhole while avoiding all asswhole stereotypes.

Rootbeer said...

I think Bruce might genuinely believe that the character's name is now "Gay Green Lantern".

Phrased slightly differently, what Bruce has GGL saying here is that it it's impossible be gay without being stereotypically gay. That the stereotypes of gay behavior are true.

Fuck you, Bruce Tinsley. How dare you insult my gay and lesbian friends and family like that.

Bill the Splut said...

And we still have another day left of this. At least "Hulk in a Tutu" was moronically absurd, instead of cancerously vile. Y'know, for a guy who hates superhero comics as much as he does TV, he sure is obsessed by them.

In 3 weeks: the return of the "Easily Offended People," followed by "I'm not a homophobe, the Gay/Straight Alliance are homophobes!"

DiR said...

Don't be dumb; everyone knows that faggots all act like the butler from The Birdcage.

rewinn said...

Short version:

Martian Manhunter can assume any form he desires. Wanna bet he and GGL hitch up ;-)


Long version:

I'm not a big fan of DC in general; it seems to me that it tends to define a character by its superpowers (Superman is perfectly strong, fast, mobile and noble; Batman is the ultimate fighter and smarter than you and hates badguys) whereas the more interesting Marvel approach is to have characters who have superpowers (Thor is a cheerful jerk with a hammer; Spiderman is a lost teenager/engineer bitten by a spider). DC interactions seem to be driven by clash of powers rather than of personalities, so the stories are less interesting to me ... but other people like them, so what-the-heck!

But Tinshley's criticism here seems to be that if a character is gay, its impossible for it to be distinctively gay without using some gay stereotype.

That's just stupid. It's like saying Luke Cage can't be distinctively black without his 'fro. Or Steve Rogers can't be distinctively heterosexual without hittin' on all the ladies.

I have every confidence in DC's ability to make the alternate-universe Green Latern who happens to be gay into a boring character, because ya know? that's what most gay people are: boringly similar to us straights. Maybe DC will try to generate a bunch of plot lines out of this ... maybe someone will try to "Pray The Gay" out of him LOL!

Or maybe it'll just be something he is - maybe he'll bring a date to the Justice League Christmas Party. And they'll kiss ...just like this kiss that doesn't seem to have hurt our navy at all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he was doing this for Alan Turing's 100th birthday (per Google's main page).