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Sunday, June 10, 2012

That damned Little Stuff

What's Mallard raving about today?

Voter ID Laws

I mean, it's not like, historically, Voter ID Laws have ever been used to keep anyone from legitimately voting, right?

Plus, there's mountains of evidence showing massive voter fraud, right?


Tog said...

I suppose if Bruce Tinsley were denied his vote simply because he had the same first name as a convicted car thief he might see things a little differently.

If he voted at all.

Bruce Tinsley: Proving Once Again That Is Not The Lefties Who Hate America.

Kip W said...

You just can't make this stuff up. Well, okay, actually, that's the only way to get this stuff. Ultimately, somebody just has to make it up.

Multiple-Cadillac-owning non-citizen welfare queens vote over and over! It says so on this 3x5 card!!

Rootbeer said...

Vikings. Rhinos. Infants. Pies.

Bruce Tinsley wants to waste your tax dollars on giving them library cards.


dlauthor said...

Oh, Bruce. We know you don't use the library. It's publicly funded, it encourages literacy, and they don't let you in when you're drunk.

Go get your Glenn Beck books in a book store like a real American, you commie.

rewinn said...

Charlie White, the Republican Election Chief of Indiana. was convicted of vote fraud by a jury of his peers. His boss, Republican governor Mitch Daniels, tried to help him keep his job overseeing the voting process by negotiating the crime down to a misdemeanor; that way the convicted vote fraudster could keep supervising voting WTF? Luckily for sanity, Daniels failed but he continues to insist that White won the election (...even though he was ineligible to run, since he was registered fraudulently...) because if White didn't win, the guy who came in 2nd would get the office.

Ann Coulter registered to vote using the address of her realtor, not her actual home address, and then she cast a vote based on that address (...she also applied for a driver's license using the realtor's address... a separate crime.) Florida refused to prosecute her until after the statute of limitations had passed.
She also faced accusations of vote fraud in Connecticut but those seem to have gone away after the state decided to ignore the evidence.

Mitt Romney did not own property in Massachusetts in 2010 and registered to vote from an address in the unfinished basement of an 8,000 square-foot Belmont mansion owned by his son Tagg, a place where he did not live. He then cast a vote in the 2010 election based on that registration. This is a clear violation of Massachusetts state law governing who may register to vote in the state.
So far, the people demanding the purge of voter roles don't seem to be using these cases to advance their cause. Why is that?

(Links Here)

Anonymous said...

Well, since a homeless guy who lives under a bridge can legally vote, but probably shouldn't be borrowing books, I suppose he has a point.

word verification: chugeet 90. What Bruce does before drawing the dumbduck. That's 90% alcohol, not 90 proof.