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Saturday, June 16, 2012

That damned Pat on the Head

What's Mallard raving about today?

Only Mallard knows

And, so, on June 16, 2012, Mallard Fillmore officially crossed the line from whatever he was previously into a comic equivalent of that schizophrenic drunk guy on the corner with sign so full of conspiracy theories that you can't possibly read it as you walks past him.



Tog said...

Annnnd there it is: the asshole who JUST accused Biden and Clinton of racist slurs slips in a callback to Rush Limbaugh's "Magic Negro" classic.

Worse Than Liefeld's Before Watchman said...

Today's Mallard Fillmore was ghost-written by the guy who does Day By Day. Obama is the differential submarine question mark affiliate of the international conspiracy of Black tailors and French pastries! Tinsley needs genocide, never 69!

DiR said...

I man who, no doubt, spends 5-7 hours a day watching Fox News is mad that one news program on one of the networks doesn't hate the President with the frothy passion that he does.
Protip: we'll stop treating y'all like hysterical far-right zealots when you stop acting like them.

And I'd point out that ellipses don't work that way (gross misuse twice this strip.), but one of the things one learns about MF is that Bruce treats ellipses like Syria treats its citizens.

Frank Stone said...

Hey, look -- Brucie stopped being all coy about identifying NBC as the "Nightly News" that he hallucinates is totally in the can for Obama. Nice of him to be honest about his paranoid delusions again.

And hey, remember all the times he laid into Fox News like this when Bush was -- aw, never mind.

rewinn said...

This is the sort of stuff you write when you lock yourself into mutually-affirming circle of cranks.

Because corporate-owned NBC, which selects stories to maximize advertiser revenue without threatening investor interests, isn't rudely interrupting the President when he speaks, which shows it's part of some pro-Obama conspiracy.

I'm getting a little tired of dealing with today's "conservatives", who have an Orwellian (or Soviet if you like) willingness to ignore plain facts in favor of ideology. But at least they provide humorous fodder for the rest of us.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Oh, yeah, Obama's one of THAT kind, isn't he? The Magic ones.

Andrew said...

So, I'm kinda wondering if this is Tinsley's drunked take on this story-

Of course, he got the story exactly backwards, but the timing (3 weeks ago) is pretty much on-the money.

In other words, Tinsley is still a talentless hack- but he's slightly less incoherent than you might have thought.

DiR said...

Nice sleuthing, Andrew.

rewinn said...

@Andrew - hey, that's a great link, thanks! - an amusing and very human story, which I imagine must be enraging the reichwing.

And ... it shows the basic weakness of Mallard Fillmore. The photo in question could be made into a great cartoon, and you could even put a duck in it, but it would require talent.

Plus a realization that most of the world doesn't have this story so much in the forefront of our minds that it emerges instantly from the words "pat on the head". This is what happens when Tinshley does his 80-90 hours a week of research on reichwing websites.

AND it's a warning to the rest of us not to follow his example - be sure to get news and views from a variety of sources.

But that's called "not being a talentless hack" so I'm repeating muself!

Tog said...


Yes, Mallard, we GET that. But government programs are in place to help children who are not that lucky.

And you want to do away with those programs to save a few pennies on taxes and for the sake of your idiotic dogma.

Do you not understand this, or are you just being deceitful? (Rhetorical question, Tinsley. I already know the answer, and the answer is "yes.")

Other questions:

Q: Why is Mallard even in this strip?

A: To take up space! (Also the answer to why there is even a Mallard strip in the first place.)

Q: Since Tinsley never gets this worked up about Mothers' Day, does that mean Li'l Rush (whose mum never appears in the strip) is better off without a mother?

Q: Would Li'l Rush then be BEST off with TWO daddies who love and care about him?

A: "It's just not natural! I have quotes from the Old Testament that prove it!"

DiR said...

Holy shit. I don't typically post if there isn't a thread about the current day, but my god. Sunday's MF is a train-wreck. It's callous, fundamentally mistaken, condescending, lecturing, and fucking asinine. Anyone with a functioning soul would be ashamed to have created such a, a... god, I need me a German thesaurus; I can't think of any one word that encapsulates this.
From the very bottom of my soul, Bruce: Fuck. You.