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Saturday, June 02, 2012

That damned Drawing

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mitt Romney

Oooh! Oooh! I can draw Mitt Romney!


 $   $

You're welcome.


Tog said...

Mark this date on the calendar, kids: the day Batshit Bruce Tinsley displayed a glimmer of self-awareness and acknowledged his own hackitude.

(Personally, I can't wait for Garry Trudeau to tuck into The Donald again. What a wealth of stupidity!)

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Can we keep the site under construction until "somebody" learns how to draw fingers holding a pencil?

Big Fat Heart said...

Translation: Whenever Romney fucks up, I'm not going to cover it, but it's because I can't draw him, not because of any bias. I mean, if I could, I would, but I can't, so here's some more crap about vegan shoes or something while I wait for Obama to stutter during a speech so I can make two weeks of strip time out of that.

Also, we'll have to take our word for it that Cain, Gingrich etc were easy to draw, because again, all I remember is Mallard keeping schtum.

Andrew said...

Why is he worried about not being able to draw Romney? That's never stopped him from drawing anyone- or anything- else. BOOM! Nailed it!

Actually, I wonder if this is as close as his "loyalty" (or, if you prefer, his cowardice about offending his Republican masters)will come to him admitting that he can't stand Romney?

Marion Delgado said...

Until I saw the drawing, I was going to tell Gold-Digging Nanny that it's WAY harder to draw a simple hand holding a pencil than you'd think. Then I saw the drawing.

Now I'll defend Tinsley being able to draw at all with those mutant, fused fingers. Obviously the Intelligent Designer was so pleased with the results from one thumb that in the case of his Most Faithful he made sure they were born with two. The results are a little mysterious. An unbeliever would say they were something else. A cynic would say Tinsley should farm out all hands to the little Asian boys he rolls on the floor with. Don't little Asian boys instinctively draw good cartoons? Okay, I've written enough now I need to re-read The Bell Curve.

Support the troops! End the death panels! Send Barry back to Kendonesia! Freedom!

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- Bruce Tinsley is contemplating voting for a man he despises with every fiber of his being just so he won't have to expend the fraction of a micron of a particle of effort it would require to learn how to draw a shitty caricature of Mitt Romney?

That's the great thing about right-wing principles: they're so... malleable.

(And you've got to love the way Brucie still draws the tip of his pencil as though he sharpens it with a blade instead of a pencil sharpener, like he was a "real artist". Sorry, Brucie, but you haven't been fooling anybody on that score since, like, ever.)

Tog said...

Now, now--I like Batshit's Hand of a Deformed God-in-His-Own-Deformed-Mind. It resembles a cross between a pair of buttocks crapping out a pencil and a pair of pursed lips, and is therefore probably his deepest, most meaningful work ever. As usual, completely by accident.

The dangling genitalia (formed by what I pray are supposed to be Batshit's other fingers) only sweeten the deal. (And now you cannot unsee it.)

Ha ha! Oh, Batshit, that's not really what "under construction" means, either in everyday life or online. Mallard is still a print strip, right?

rewinn said...

The art is dreadful, but at least the script is ... uncharacteristically ... slightly humourous if ... characteristically ... ill-timed.

The smart money was on Lord Rawmoney for months. While all of the leading GOP candidates were clinically insane, Rawmoney's insanity is in the form most attractive and useful to the party: sociopathic greed. He simply had the money in addition to the willingness to say anything.

So why didn't Bruce Drinkly prepare for the likelihood he'd have to draw the first Mexican candidate for American president(***Mitt's Mexican ancestry is as well established as Barack's Kenyan***)