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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That damned bounce

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton.

Nice timing.


GeoX said...

So Mooselini's alleged popularity is going to convince Hillary to run again? If there's anything to get here, I don't get it.

exanonymous said...


Is there an option for a warped sense of time in the options?

For today's Mallard to have any grain of truth one has to accept that either time is not linear, or that people have special powers. Hillary announced her intentions to run in 2012 not soon after dropping out, which if motivated by Palin's entrance into the race, means she's one HELL of a psychic.

In which case, I'm totally voting for her. That level of prediction makes her superhuman.

dlauthor said...


In what respect, Charlie?

NLC said...

To belabor an obvious point:

It says quite a bit about a strip when a caricature has to be labeled in order for the reader to have the slightest idea who the intended subject is meant to be.

(It sort of reminds me of the olden days of editorial cartooning when you had symbolic characters who wore captions showing names like "Intolerance" or "Wall Street" or "Motherhood".)

rewinn said...

#27 (Too many words): "And some are now saying that..." serves no point.

#12, 13 (unrecognizable and ugly caricature)

The real punch line in this strip is the implication that Hillary would need "energizing". Love her or hate her, no honest person can accuse her of not having energy.

"No honest person" is the key point.

David B said...

"Some are saying"? Nice lack of attribution--Tinsley couldn't even give us "The USA Today" or something similarly useless.

I'm guessing it's his drinking buddies who are saying this.

Michael said...

Hey, Mallard is using the Fox News "some say..." trick! He's learning from the best.

It's good to know that Hillary has supporters in the Twilight Zone "Eye of the Beholder" universe.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I'm still waiting for my caricature of Sarah Palin.

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

I saw a comment on a forum about the election that gave an impassioned plea for liberal women to vote for McCain so that Hillary could run in 2012. I kinda think it was from someone without the Democrats best interests at heart because towards the end the writer could help but bash liberals, especially liberal women & minorities. File under “how stupid do they think we are?”

Can't wait to see a caricature of Sara Palin in the strip. No doubt she will have terrible hair, buck teeth, and a scowl.

Ming the Merciless said...

Some say that Sara Palin is an evil alien from the planet Mongo!

Duck Hunter said...

I put this at six infractions: 2, 12, 13, 22, 24, 33.

Since this is my first submission here, I'd also offer a long-term, retroactive assignment of 32, the "Creepy Unintentional Self-Revelation". The drawings of Clinton most closely resemble those of love-smitten adolescent boys unable to deal with their first attraction to a girl. The most persistent portrayal of Clinton by Tinsley is as her being politically ambitious, as if that were an awful thing for her to be. On rarely do we see even a parody of an actual political position.

Tinsley is deeply ambivalent about Clinton - unable to refute her politically, nor deal with his attraction to her, he resorts to stating the obvious as if it were an insight into a evil mind: "DON'T YOU GET IT PEOPLE? SHE WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT!" and drawing crude pictures of her.

Kaitlyn said...

Why does she have mall hair? What is wrong with him?

he can't draw humans very well, especially real people, so he gets a job where he has to do that on a regular basis.

He could have made it all ducks, in a similar universe, and had his right-wing message go out that way.

But no - we get these horrible scribblings that are supposed to be women.

confused said...

You know, Kaitlyn, somewhere a duck is saying, "That doesn't look like a duck." and "how the #^@% did we get drug into this?"

MartyRotten said...

I think voting for McCain so that Hilary can run in 2018 is just plain stupid. If McCain wins then we have what basically amounts to four more years of Bush/Cheney under a new name.

This country can't afford that.