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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Those damned Double Standards

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sheryl Crow, Voting.

Right Wing Calculus:
  • Totally acceptable: Lies, Wedge Issues and Phony Terror alerts to frighten people into voting Republican.
  • Totally unacceptable: providing people with an incentive to register to vote however they see fit.
Today's Bonus Content: A Mallard Fillmore quiz!

Which of the following things did The Founders not see coming:
  1. A Black Man running for president.
  2. Women gaining the right to vote.
  3. Television.
  4. The deterioration of American decency to the point where crotch shots of ducks are an acceptable image on the comics page.


Anonymous said...

Mallard money shot! Jesus, between this and the penis chins...

zehfb said...

I don't even get what his problem is.

rewinn said...

If Tinsley hadn't gotten a D-minus in history, he'd know the Founders were well aware of the dangers of trivialized political discourse dominated by authoritarian demagogues whipping up what they then termed "the mob".

1789 also featured badly-drawn cartoons with needlessly wordy captions.

But the duck crotch shot --- o.k. Tinsley's right on that one!

Robert said...

The last thing Republicans want is more people taking part in the democratic process. That's why in Indiana, they made it mandatory to present a driver's license to vote. There's a lot of overlap in the Venn diagram of people without driver's licenses and people with brown skin. Guess a poll tax or literacy test was too obvious.

Also, why is "Li'l Mallard" from last week's anti-teacher screed still the principal character? Unless the adult Mallard just doesn't have furniture.

Michael said...

Unbelievable. If I'm understanding this cartoon correctly (which might not be the case because I'm completely sober, and scored higher than a curved D-) Mallard has once again taken a subject that I thought all Americans were in agreement on -- higher voter participation -- and rails against it. This is almost as absurd as his stance against understanding rather than rote memorization.

He also throws in a "second vote" line, which refers to the nonexistent voter fraud problem that Democrats supposedly engage in. As opposed to the REAL voter fraud that Republicans do in real life (vote caging, voter intimidation and deception, voting machines, neo-Jim Crow laws like Robert mentioned).

But you guys are right; his complaints about democracy are still better than his complaints about teachers.

Rewinn, I think you left out a link.

Bill the Splut said...

In 2004, Diebold gave Bush voters free votes in else did Dubya get 133% of the vote in some precincts?

Anonymous said...

Indiana is not the only state where one needs a photo I.D., not a driver's license to vote. Those who do not have a driver's license will be supplied a photo I.D. at no charge. So, I guess they are doing this so the brown skin folks, in your opinion, will have their right to vote taken from them by the racist White folks or White Republicans.
Robert, the White folks also require a photo I.D. in Indiana to vote. So what is your problem besides being a liberal? In your case a literacy test should be required.

The Indiana law was upheld this year by the U.S. Supreme Court. Other states which require a photo I.D. are Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and South Dakota. In my opinion this should be the law in all states for everyone.

Anonymous said...

All errors found in elections favor Bush instead of being random. Diebold refuses to have a paper trail with their voting machines so you can tell if your vote was recorded correctly. Bush administration caught red-handed knocking "black sounding" names off of voter records again and again. And photo IDs required because they checked and found a large group of anti-Bush voters would be less likely to have photo IDs then Republican voters.

But Mallard Fillmore is right. The problem with voting today is that it exists! It'd be a heckova lot easier if this were a dictatorship. So long as Mallard's the dictator. ;)

Scanman said...

Our founders did not see a talking duck sitting in front of a box that emits electric waves in his face.