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Saturday, September 13, 2008

That damned busy work

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teachers, Busy Work.

I suppose we can sympathize with Mallard here.

After all, his concept of "work" is to stop watching Fox News, write down the last thing Bill O'Reilly said, paste some previously-used drawings of himself next to the text, and mail it off to be published.

Total elapsed time: 3 minutes.


exanonymous said...

I was under the impression from Mallard that government jobs had so many perks and vacations that they did virtually nothing as opposed to the slavish unenjoyable "real" jobs.

Not that it matters. I once heard someone say "It's work. That's why they pay you to do it." For the "average" man Mallard says he appeals to work is nothing but busy work and they are almost always there just to get a paycheck. But he's so wrapped in his own world of evil teachers that it isn't true because it doesn't make a punch line.

Anonymous said...

Actually most work in the corporate sector comes down to busywork. You do memos, reports, and presentations about other memos, reports, and presentations. Generally speaking most corporate work is busywork. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the busywork is a side effect of schools being told that they need to give out more homework to be more 'competitive' and 'challenging'

Kaitlyn said...

Busy work sucked sucked sucked sucked.

But judging by the height of young Mallard there, the busy work is for more than passing time - he needs to learns it, he's only like in 2nd or 3rd grade, and he ain't the smartest in the class.

But busy work in middle and high school? EVERYONE hated it, especially the good teachers.

And only government jobs involve repetition? Has he held any job but hack cartoonist? Does he live in some bubble?

No wait, he does repeat himself every day. What's he bitchin' about?

OT - As much as I hated busy work in high school, I would love to work in the post office, sorting mail, listening to music, doing almost the same thing all day. I also like to sew, build lego towers, paint, and color for the same reason. It can be quite soothing.

Busy work? An insult to my intelligence. But not Mallard's. He heard one of the smarter kids complaining, and just now remembered that day, only now he was the one who said it, and to the teacher no less!

I thought republicans were all about law and order and respect - mouthing off the teachers - no matter how much of a strawman they are - is a no-no.

Kaitlyn said...

This could have been funny.

The teacher could have sighed and said, "Mallard, the busy work is the real world," before turning back to the spelling tests she has to grade.

Teaching has less repetition than most jobs (I assume), but it's still there.

Tinz's job is full of repetition, as are all cartoonists'. Just as he finishes one batch, he has to begin another. It's like never ending homework, only there's no grade and his pay isn't related to the quality of his work. (Hey! He's a teacher!)

Of course, non hack cartoonists keep away some of the repetition by having storylines or different jokes or what have you. We're just lucky he doesn't erase and replace the text and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? He's STILL on this teaching binge?! This is becoming seriously deranged (or maybe he's just out of ideas).

C'mon Mallard! When are you going to get around to telling us about how Charlie Gibson was so mean to poor Sarah "what's the Bush doctrine?" Palin? There the strip we want to see!

Starshark said...

Yeah you don't get busy work in the real world my company pays me to sit on my ass drinking coffee even if I've done my jobs for the day.

I thought it was liberals who had no idea how reality worked?