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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Those damned Numbers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teachers, Numbers, Communism.

At this point, we've crossed the line into Right-Wing Dadaism.

Mallard is offended by being asked to do something correctly twice, as if doing it correctly once proves that you've mastered it and can henceforth forget it entirely.

Mallard assertion that his teachers made him do something until "everyone else can do it" is clearly fabricated nonsense...and a pretty pathetic fabrication at that.

What repetition has to do with Communism, I have no idea, although I suspect it is the final meta-absurdity since the panel makes the same amount of sense no matter what Right Wing bête noire you substitute in for Communism.


GeoX said...

I think the idea is that the teacher is making them repeat the awesome "counting to a hundred" lesson over and over until EVERYONE gets it--JUST like communism forces everyone to be the same, and doesn't reward merit! Blargh!

But yeah, it's pretty nonsensical. I know I've said it before, but here it is again: alcohol was involved in the production of today's comic.

Sigma said...

Putting out a completely nonsensical strip about teachers is how he commemorates 9/11 this year?

Well, at least it's better than how the Republican Party is doing it, I'll give him that. Way to go, Mallard!

Mysterio said...

I just want to know what sort of class talks about Communism while the kids are still figuring out how to write their numbers.

confused said...

Sigma, don't worry, I'm sure Mallard will mention 9/11 two weeks from now (and add some odd statement that no one remembered it)

Anonymous said...

Is this really only #19? It feels like he's been doing these things since 1978.

How many more of these damn things does he have? They were getting old two weeks ago!

12xuser said...

So, after complaining about all of those creative alternatives to rote memorization, he complains about rote memorization.

For the win!

Kaitlyn said...

Who remembers that far back?

By the time you're old enough to be annoyed by this, you're learning more complex things.

And this sounds more like busy work - I can buy the "do it again" so you'll see that you can do it again, but the whole "until everyone else gets it"? Huh? How could everyone get it yet he still gets a D-?

I think it's the adult Mallard thinking that - the first duck has a black head.

If this is in fact busy work, it's not communism in action. It's "I didn't plan for a sub" in action.

Every time I finished something early in classes I can remember (and I'm like 20 years younger than Tinz), the teachers were pleased, and I got to read a book. Win-win!

factinista said...

So, anybody remember when Mallard forgot Veteran's Day because he was too busy whining about affirmative action?

I think today's comic tops that.

Michael said...

I think that was a way to keep Mallard occupied until his transfer to remedial class was approved.

rewinn said...

Mallard went to a COMMUNIST kindergarten?

That explains a lot!

He's previously admitted being very badly educated and he doesn't like to wear pants when he's reading the news to the camera.

Clearly he got his position through ideological correctness, rather than merit.

This strip is secretly being drawn in a Russian communist hideout! That explains the two-week lag, the frequent attacks on America, and above all the alcoholism!

Erich said...

Considering some of his previous attempts to observe this date, I'm kind of thankful that he's not doing a commemorative strip this year...

Kaitlyn said...

Erich - Oh, blegh.

It is a good thing he didn't do anything today.

Today is Patriot Day, did anybody know that? Oh, ick, that just bugs me. Yes, a memorial is important, but that name... that word connected with A TRAGEDY.

Anyway, the flags on campus were lowered today,

luke said...

Factinista: I remember, and his excuse was that the two-week time lag caused him to forget it (yes, he wrote all that in a comic, and received payment for it). If he tries that same excuse in two weeks, I will have seen everything.

12xuser: win.