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Sunday, September 21, 2008

That damned chic

What's Mallard raving about today?

Green Chic, Hybrid Vehicles.

The point would be to use environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing style or, as it is sometimes called, "chic".

You'd think a person who spends every day of their life complaining would be better at it.

But it's like Mallard is trying to make the point that Reactionary Idiots don't need the criticism to make sense. They are predisposed to react to certain words without thinking.

And this is something of which, I feel certain, Mallard is proud.

The burns.


factinista said...

Surely even those who mock environmentalists can see the usefulness of hybrids, especially with gas prices the way they are. Unfortunately, Mallard's never been a big fan of open-mindedness.

exanonymous said...

Mallard's right. The hybrids look stupid. So we should all buy cars from the 1950s that get 10 miles per gallon on a good day, and burn that 85octane gas like there's no tomorrow!

Pollution happens to the next generation, who gives a shit? It's about how I look now!

Kaitlyn said...


This hurts.

Cavemen didn't right various wooly animals with sharp teeth, they killed them. Or got killed by them.

They also didn't travel far enough to require anything but their own two feet.

And didn't have a written alphabet.

Ok - the thing is a hybrid because it has a reptilian tail, teeny wings that would never get off the ground, a mammalian head. Why does the head look disgusted?

And who else has a hybrid in this mess? The cavemen riding the big animals?

Oh, god, I can feel my brain crying!

Michael said...

I've never heard of a wooly rhino before...

Michael said...

I'll be damned - there actually was a wooly rhinoceros in Eurasia!

I actually learned something by reading Mallard Fillmore!!

rewinn said...

"Hybrid chic" WTF?

I guess Tinsley's trying a new class warfare theme: "Them smart people have funny looking cars cuz they think they're BETTER than us!"

Too bad for Tinsley he doesn't know about GM's hybrid pickup - (2008 Tahoe)

... indeed the whole pickup segment is ripe for hybrids since they can double as on-site generators for your power tools, see Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid - and of course, working people really need to have hi-mileage vehicles.

We can't all draw pictures in our mommy's basement like Tinsley.

Bill the Splut said...

Message One:
People who bought those house-sized SUVs did it to show their modesty, restraint and humility. Also, possible feelings of inadequacy about their genitalia.
Message Two:
Don't go drunk driving in a hybrid! You'll look like a total dork in your mug shot!

MartyRotten said...

What I object to is the stereotyping of cavemen! First Geico, now this!! When will it end?!!