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Thursday, September 25, 2008

That damned world

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, People, the World.

I suppose Mallard may have intended this to suggest that Obama holds a lead among people with a cheery disposition, although that would be completely idiotic since the people voting for Obama are the ones who think the situation is so messed up that we need change.

It's also possible Mallard intended to suggest that Obama holds a lead among people who understand that the world is, metaphorically, shrinking and that America's need for partnerships, friends, and allies is growing. This again would be completely idiotic, since people who understand that could best be characterized as "people with an IQ which is above room temperature."

Neither option seems likely, until you remind yourself that something being completely idiotic does not necessarily disqualify it as being what Mallard intended.


exanonymous said...

"It's a small world" is just more liberal propoganda. Like Global Warming, it's scare tactics to get the poor average voter to vote democrat so that rich people in Washington who aren't conservatives (who are rich by magic instead) can tax and take our money. And set up a communist government. And bring about the downfall of traditional family values, which again all the democrats don't have anyways and any conservatives were either set-up or really democrats in disguise.

Remember, Clinton got a BJ in office. And his wife looks scarey.

And there are terrorists (did I mention that they were COMMUNIST terrorists?) looking in your window RIGHT NOW who are going to BOMB YOUR BABIES VOTE FOR MCCAIN!

The truth is out there.

And it's a really large world. It's an infinite plane...

Duck Hunter said...

"However..." implies that the preceding comments, unrepresented in the strip, reported that McCain is ahead in general polling.

Polling data from
shows that Mallard's favorite news source is behind a few cycles. Obama has been ahead since the 16th, while McCain's post-convention bounce lasted 10 days, from the 6th onward.

The technique is transparent: present opinion, or wishful-thinking, as fact. Do it often enough and people will begin to believe it.

Oh, and, single-panel, unpleasant crotch-shot, couch-potato, etc.

MToje said...

As far as the duck's furniture, he appears to be sitting in an actual chair and not some amorphous blob. Unfortunately, he's still eating nondescript "snacks" and thrusting out towards the television set. Ick.

12xuser said...

Meanwhile, McCain enjoys a double-digit lead among people who say "Get off my lawn, you damn kids!"

Anonymous said...

I have no clue what this joke means or why it should be insulting to Obama. This comic's just to intellectual, I guess. Either that or I'm to sober.

Kaitlyn said...

Is he calling us children? Disney fans? People who believe annoying songs?

Did that song ever appear in a disney movie, or just the theme park?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice Mallard's ostrich-like avoidance of HOLY SHIT THE ECONOMY IS DOOMED! And I can't imagine why... surely he could find a way to make it the Democratic party's fault, or twist it to undermine Obama's platform.

I'll even suggest the layout -

Layout: 1 panel, two walls of text, Mallard's head in between.

Left Wall of Text: Holy shit! I've lost a considerable sum of money in the stock market. Prestigious financial institutions are falling like dominoes. It might only be a matter of time before commercial banks, which take deposits from ordinary people, fall prey to financial panic.

Right Wall of Text: Well, no sense in remembering which party controlled all three branches of Federal government for six of the last 8 years and therefore ought to bear the entirety of the blame for this snafu. I'll make a crack about welfare/estate taxes instead.

Duck Hunter said...

Ignoring the economic news? I’d like to think so, but since the Palin nomination was announced on Friday, August 29th, and wasn’t mentioned by the duck until Tuesday, September 23rd, there is clearly a 3 week lag for Tinsley getting the strip to the publisher.

With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac placed into conservatorship on September 5th and “Meltdown Monday” - Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, & AIG – occurred on the 15th, we should expect some predictably ill-informed comments soon.

The first mention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failures should arise during the week of Sept 30th. With the week of October 13th bringing us up to date on Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and AIG.

Let’s look for a couple of strips on Obama’s mistakenly calling “AIG” the “American Insurance Group” rather than the “American International Group”. This was raised by conservatives as indicating Obama’s lack of understanding of economic “fundamentals” and as an example of a story that would be ignored by the liberal media.

Of course, the McCain campaign then issued press releases in which the names of both Bear Stearns and Freddie Mac were misspelled. Since these events were very close together, I think Tinsley will be able to avoid overplaying the hand, but it would be interesting to see how he manages to trash Obama with the former error while excusing McCain for the latter.

rewinn said...

Now Tinsley's attacking Disneyland?!?!

Sir, have you no shame?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Duck Hunter -- I'm pretty sure we've calculated a two-week lag in the past, but you may be right. It may be three now (if it ever was two). I just looked at his John Edwards strip. Three weeks to the day. Same with the InBev purchase of Budweiser.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Duck Hunter Re: Your comment yesterday -- Interesting idea. But if you want to know what the original thinking was behind "Creepy Unintentional Self-Revelation," please see this post from the 2008 Golden Ellipses, the awards for the worst Mallard Fillmore strips of the year.

Duck Hunter said...

Gold-Digging Nanny,

I'm new, so I haven't seen previous calculations of lag-time. I'm assuming that Tinsley submits the strip in one-week batches. I believe that the Sunday strips are submitted separately. In either case, I don't know which day of the week it happens.

This reminds me of figuring out when my morning paper went to press by looking for the latest story printed.

Palin was named on a Friday and, presumably Tinsley wanted to get his word in as soon as possible. So, three weeks later is probably the right measure.

The problem this raises for him and his alter-ego is that he could be snarky about an issue and then be hoist with his own petard by the time the strip comes out.

So, I'm waiting for some real free-market crabbing in the wake of the Fannie & Freddie bailouts, to be followed two weeks later by the sight of duck being force-fed crow in light of the abandonment of capitalism by the Republicans.

Even if Tinsley is reading this, I think it's too late for him to call back any Fannie and Freddie strips.

And, thanks for the link to the award-winning strip. I remember that one but must have had my sub-text detector off at the time. Definitely creepy, whatever the context.

mikey said...

Kids jingle. Another stab at the youth of america getting involved in politics, instead of doing the right thing and letting the older generations take care of us...since they've done so well.

Reality Based said...

Why does it take this drunk three weeks to get his "comics" in the paper? They're all poorly drawn, nonsensical piles of the same talking points over and over again. There is definitely no time spent on being original or creative or funny. Is he also that lazy that he needs all that lag time to crank this garbage out?

Anyone with a pencil, a rubber-stamp of a duck head, a fifth of vodka and a radio tuned to right-wing talk shows could churn out a better "comic" in about 60 seconds.