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Thursday, September 18, 2008

That damned Voter

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard hates Democracy, primarily because people have differences of opinion with him.

Everyone clear?

And, for what it is worth, except for their species, I fail to see how someone wasting away in front of a TV with an unidentified box of snacks is any different than Mallard.


Robert said...

The election of our leaders is simply too important to leave to our citizens. How 1984 is this strip going to get, anyway?

I see Jack Abramoff has trusted Mallard to watch over his hat while he's away.

Mysterio said...

MF pulled this same schtick back in '04, basically saying "stupid people shouldn't vote".
Of course, given Mallard's worldview, that's about 99.9% of the US population that qualifies as "stupid".

12xuser said...

Idiot voter. All thinking people know that you shouldn't vote for the one with the nice happy smile. You should vote for the one with the stern serious scowl.

NLC said...

Concerning whether "stupid people shouldn't vote":

I have to admit that this is point of view that I'm feeling a lot of sympathy for recently.

To pick a couple obvious examples:
-- The amazing number of folks who are convinced that Obama is Muslim (and when informed otherwise shrug off any evidence to the contrary).
-- The kind of, well, fools on whom swiftboating actually works (for example in its most recent "lipstick on a pig" guise).

I don't mind saying that it scares me that these people can actually vote.

Still waiting for MF to address these issues.

dlauthor said...

I think Tinshley may be misunderstanding who would win if stupid, uninformed people didn't vote.

No, wait. I'm wrong.

I know he's misunderstanding that.

But don't worry -- in a few days he'll be praising idiots whose rationale for voting for Sarah Palin is (was?) Moose Hockey Cool Glasses Pregnant Teenage Daughter.

rewinn said...

At least the TV-watching guy has pants on.

No word on whether he had a D-minus average in school.

Michael said...

I actually agree with Mallard on this one. I share his concern that the public should be better educated and civically active.

I disagree with the first part though - since I live in California, my vote doesn't count as much as Mallard's.

K.T. said...

Oh, Mallard Fillmore. Each day I hate you just a little bit more.

Everett Volk said...

The primary difference would be that the unidentified person lacks the bloated sense of self-regard and smug certitude that makes a half-wit like mean Mallard incapable of recognizing that he and the subject of his lampooning are otherwise identical. Replace "nice, happy smile" with "half-baked, reactionary agenda" and see what I mean.

exanonymous said...

As much as I hate uninformed or reaction-voting, I'm reminded that it's one of the few freedoms left and it's been in danger. Privacy went out the window so that the fearful could look at what books we were borrowing or listen to our phone conversations to "catch" terrorists and then totally remove their rights.

Voting is the next step. Create something stupid, like a test, and then whoever controls the test questions controls the voting population. It was already done in this country.

factinista said...

Wow. I can't believe how Mallard's caricature of Obama used to look so much more realistic.

Also, It had to be done.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Michael -- I live in Idaho. My vote doesn't count as much as Mallard's, either.

Bill the Splut said...

Don't vote for the guy with the nice smile! Do what Tinny did, and vote for the candidate you'd most like to have a beer with! That's worked out GREAT the last 8 years.

dlauthor said...

Oh, come on. That's hardly fair. Tinshley hasn't had a beer with anyone in years.

Nine or ten on his own? Now you're talkin'.

ianmorris said...

the flipside would be somebody electing mccain because his VP looks hot