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Monday, September 22, 2008

That damned crazy world leader

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kim Jong Il, Barack Obama.

Right Wing Dead Enders, like Mallard, have never adjusted to the post-post-911 reality, in which everyone but that has finally realized that the United States is dreadfully on the wrong track.

They still labor under the belief that 80% of the country agree with their handling of foreign policy, when in fact, the numbers have completely reversed themselves.

Any attempt to point facts out to Mallard would, of course, be met by an initial reaction of: "he's scary; you can't talk to scary people." Quickly followed by: "But, Hiiiiiiiitler!"


Mysterio said...

I imagine that whenever Tinsley hears a new bit of news, his first thought is how he can connect it with some overused, cliched right-wing talking point.
Still waiting for BT to mention Sarah Palin, and how the evil liberals are so mean for being mean to her, those mean meanies!

GeoX said...

Whereas John McCain has vowed to single-handedly infiltrate North Korea armed only with a bowie knife and a grappling hook and slay Kim Jong Il and all of his evil clones in a pitched, and extremely badass ninja battle. And if he tries launching some nuclear missiles as a distraction, McCain will simply KICK THEM OUT OF THE AIR. That's just how he rolls.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read the words "real or fake crazy world leader" I immediately picture Bush. Sorta ruins Mallard's joke for me.

There was a joke in that strip, right..?

Chyron HR said...

Haw-haw! That Nobama would meet with all kinds of scummy human-rights-abusing terrorist regimes!

Like, uh, Spain!

Anonymous said...

I love how right-wingers both compare their opponents to Hitler and then claim comparing their heroes to Hitler or calling them fascist is invalid. They want to lock up all the Muslims in camps and torture them even if the actual officers running Guantanamo say 70% of the inmates are innocent. And those studying the dozens of fascist regimes throughout history can't help but notice the Bush regime matches the pattern perfectly.

If Obama has ever stood in the same room with Bush he's met with the craziest and most dangerous leader on earth already.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley's in a bind with regards to Palin, because he probably wants to draw an attractive rendition of her, and he can't draw attractive renditions of anyone, much less Palin.

Plus he's probably near-suicidal that McCain didn't pick that Williams twit that no one else gives a shit about.

Also, I'm sorry, but what rumors about Kim Jong Il is he referring to? I must have missed all that.

exanonymous said...


You might have just convinced me to vote for Chuck McCain. I mean John Norris.

Well, whatever.

Liberals make me vote for frivilous reasons, right?

Anyways, here is the article in question:

Apparently, one person thinks so. In Mallard-math, that's a majority of liberals. Even if the professor is Japanese. Yippee.

rewinn said...

This is another example of Tinsley's lazy writing.

Assuming for a moment that "crazy fake leaders" don't instantly make you think of Bush & McCain (thanks anonymous!) ... this strip might have been a little bit funny (although wrongheaded) if it hadn't been smothered with tons of lard:

"rumors and reports" ... pick one or the other, not both

"has acted quickly to assure" ... use "assured"

"four or five" ... delete

Humor must be *crisp* not flaccid!

But of course the purpose of this strip is not to be good; like all Soviet-style political art, it's purpose is to push ideology. Quality would only get in the way.

factinista said...

The really stupid thing is that the joke lacks context. You could substitute "Senator Obama" with "Senator McCain" and the joke would make just as much sense. Which isn't saying much.

Kaitlyn said...

He likes drawing Kim Jong-Il.

Hey let's think about something funny! Remember in one of the last episodes of Arrested Development, all the former Saddam doubles were living in the model house, including the real one? But nobody knew he was really Saddam.

I want to see him combine Palin and the economy, yes I do.

Anonymous said...

"Humor must be *crisp* not flaccid!"

Well, the penis chins he draws seem erect. From them I'm guessing he did anti-semitic porn comics first.

Jokes aside, I heard some of his earlier Mallard comics actually were anti-semitic and got deleted from his archive. Anybody know where I can find a copy of those?

Regular Guy Rockefeller III said...

The intended "joke" of this comic is based on Obama saying that he would be open to negotiating with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Il. And in Tinshley's drunken brain, that is horrible and all Decent Folks will see that it is horrible, because you never negotiate with bad leaders, you just invade their countries and spend years and trillions nation-building there. Obviously.

In the 80's when a Republican president sent people like Rumsfeld to Iraq to talk with Saddam, that was smart and good policy. Because that's different you see. Because Liberals are jerks and na-na-na-na!

Michael said...

Google for Mallard Fillmore and Jon Stewart, anonymous. I think the Colbert Report and Daily Show have something about it in their archives, too.

rewinn said...

anonymous & michael got me curious. I found at :

"On January 4, 2005 a Mallard Fillmore strip was published featuring a television executive whom bloggers accused of being a Jewish caricature that promoted the anti-Semitic stereotype that "Hollywood is run by Jews." (footnote: "If It Walks Like an Anti-Semite, and Quacks Like an Anti-Semite...")
The strip did not run in some of its normal venues"

The "cartoon" is here and has a penis hooknose instead of the usual penis chin. The writing, however, is reassuringly flaccid; the last line of the "poem" has too many syllables.

GeoX said...

If I recall correctly, and I do, his initial idea for a comic strip literally starred a giant nose. Chew on THAT for a moment.