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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That damned Relativism

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard remembers his teachers thoughts?

The image of a telepathic Mallard is unsettling as hell. Sociopathic or psychopathic, sure.

But the idea that Mallard is reading my mind right now...I have to go put on my tin foil hat.


Mysterio said...

Frak me. How long has this " I hate school! I hate teachers!" series been going on? Because it seems like about six months.
At this point, I'm almost looking foward to Tinsley's inevitable series drooling over Sarah Palin and demonizing those mean old liberals for making fun of her.

ajm said...

The Supreme Court outlawed school prayer and Bible verse reading in public schools, not the great god teachers' unions.

12xuser said...

This series has been little more that a list of the talking points from the right-wing side of the Culture Wars. He could theoretically go on forever with the "things my liberal teachers said":
"Taking drugs is cool!"
"Homosexuality is really cool!"
"Hating America is super cool!"
"Go spit on some troops today, it's cool!"
"Killing babies, cool, cool, cool!"
"Don't get a job, welfare is way more cool!"
"Taxes? Cool!"

John E. said...

Is there any particularly good arguments for having religion in schools?

John E. said...

Arggh....Are there...

I must have been too busy reading The Bible during grammar class to learn subject - verb agreement rules.

rewinn said...

@ John E: a good argument for having religion in schools?


My religion is RIGHT and yours is WRONG.

Therefore, MY religion gets taxpayer support and YOURS doesn't.

Because, although MY God is RIGHT and yours is WRONG, he's a little hard up on cash right now ...

rewinn said...

Today's strip brought back such memories!

You see, the only religion allowed at my high school was Christianity ( was a religious school...). And the teachers all KNEW they were better than us, and in turn all of us students, by virtue of being Baptized, were better than the billions of people who weren't.

No Baptism? Flames of Hell or, at best, the mirky darkness of limbo.

They had a Book to back them up and, just in case you noticed it didn't really say what they claimed, they had lots of other books arguing the point in mind-numbing detail. Emphasis on "mind-numbing"!

This is no longer an academic matter. We have a major-party presidential ticket whose VP seems to think that Jews deserve terror attacks because they rejected Jesus; when this was explained at her church on August 17, 2008 she sat silent and has (to date) not offered any objection.

The good news: This strip made me laugh out loud - but not in a way the Lazy Ducky would like.

factinista said...

Mallard is criticizing other people for being judgmental? Seriously?

Excuse me while I bash my head against a wall.

luke said...

This has already been stated in previous comments, but it sounds like Bruce went to an exceptional high school. It might be interesting to find out which one, but my exhaustive three-second Google search turned up nothing.

Robert said...

At Mallard's school, the homosexuals had annual recruitment pushes. And like clockwork, 9% of the students chose to be homosexual.

MartyRotten said...

Robert: And all the homosexuals got a free set of tupperware for every 100 recruits they brought in.

And they used pages from the bible in the bathrooms for toilet paper to save money, and they heated the school by burning American flags in the furnace.

These "Public Schools are evil" rants are inevitable. It won't be long before he starts bitching about fund raising candy bars.

Kaitlyn said...

He'd bitch about fund raising activities without realizing how stupid it makes him look.

As for there is no right or wrong, good God, no one says that! He's so unbelievably stupid.

I just realized something: these are his memories. Everyone's memories are influenced by their current biases and romanticized or changed to fit a current view, so he probably went to a normal school where teachers made every effort to help him, and he still got a D-. Yeah, he was one of the annoying people who made you weep. They didn't have a mental disorder, they could be smart, they just never did anything.