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Friday, September 26, 2008

That damned investigation

What's Mallard raving about today?

John Edwards, Sarah Palin, The Media.

Perhaps because Sarah Palin could end up a 72-year old heartbeat away from the Presidency, and the things under investigation directly relate to her ability to step into the job of President, as opposed to a purely private matter.

But if you really want The Media to talk about extramarital affairs, perhaps they can discuss how Senator McCain's first marriage ended.


12xuser said...

This one is just mystifying. It can make sense only to someone who has drunk deeply of right-wing Koolaid, who believes that John Edwards hasn't been investigated thoroughly, but that Sarah Palin is being mercilessly tormented by relentless investigators bent on blowing every little thing out of proportion. It's the kind of comic that has right-wingers looking at each other and nodding knowingly, without actually knowing anything.

Meanwhile the rest of us are just puzzled, forced to fit this into some kind of narrative that makes sense, to mentally manufacture the arguments behind this comic, but without any help from the comic itself.

David said...

There's also the difference between an investigation where, when discovered, the person being investigated confesses and an investigation where, when discovered, the person being investigated does everything possible to impede the investigation.

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

But, but, but - one is about SEX and the other is just about (move along, nothing to see here) helping your sister crucify her ex-husband, which the media is only pursuing because they hate family values! And moose hunters!

rewinn said...

Do we have a "self-defeating" category?

Cuz the ONE rule the rightwingers should know about investigations is that the mere fact of an investigation arouses suspicion in the minds of people. It's just human nature, fair or unfair, to think "Hunh? An investigation? Well, there might be something to it whether or not they find anything."

So please, Tinsley, say it over and over. You're helping Obama.

Sarah Palin. Investigation.
Sarah Palin. Investigation!!
Sarah Palin. Investigation!!!
Sarah Palin. Investigation!!!!
Sarah Palin. Investigation!!!!!

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

You know, Troopergate reminds me a lot about the way the Bush administration illegally politicized hiring in the Justice Dept. and fired a woman because they thought she might be a lesbian.

Sarah Palin's attempt to fire the Wasilla librarian after she refused to remove books reminds me of the way the Bush administration has trampled on other First Amendment rights, like curtailing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly through "free speech zones."

Her continuous lies about saying "no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere, despite the fact that she supported it until it was a political liability and then kept the money, reminds me very much of the way the Bush administration lied to our faces with cherry-picked evidence about Iraq.

John Edwards' one scandal, however, reminds me of the fact that Bill Clinton got a b.j. in the oval office. I think we all know we can't allow that to happen again.

Anonymous said...

I recall a French teacher telling the story of Francois Mitterand, then-president of France, responding to a reporter's question about an extra-marital affair of his.

His response: "Alors?" or, roughly translated, "So?"

Reality Based said...

Why hasn't Drunkley mentioned W lately? He used to attack anyone who disagreed with his president. No there is no mention of him and his failed policies that have brought disaster to the US. Maybe because Drunkley obnoxiously backed every single policy every step of the way?

Which Lame Duck is Lamer, George W. Bush or Mallard Fillmore?

Michael said...

Once again, DaveyK crushes Mallard's 30mph fastball out of the park.

Rey said...

Good timing, considering that this week, the National Enquirer came out with a story of Palin's extramarital affair. And ... where else did it appear? The same people who cornered Edwards and forced him to admit his affair have so far asked Palin about it exactly zero times.

Not that I think it's relevant, in either case. But if there's a media double standard, it's clearly to blow up minor details about liberals, and cover up similar transgressions by conservatives. Edwards got a $400 haircut, McCain got a $5000 makeover, and who was derided more in the media?