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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That damned livlihood

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Racism.

The cynicism of this calculus is astonishing: Some white people will vote for Obama; ergo racism no longer exists in America.

Mind you, coming from Mallard (whose stock in trade is arguing against "some people who say that we should [insert credibility-defying statement here]") it's not all that surprising.

And while I will admit to being proud that my generation may be the first to put a non-white man in the White House, the idea that racism no longer exists?

That may be a tad optimistic.


Duck Hunter said...


Meanwhile, at the Old (But Somehow Not Retired) Civil Rights Leaders’ Home…

Jesse Jackson: “If Tinsley really needed to draw a bad caricature of me a second day in a row, he could at least have thought of something different for me to say.”

Al Sharpton: “You'd think that, as an Alcoholic-American, he'd be more sympathetic.”

exanonymous said...

KKK members? Hang up your hoods! Racism is dead!

And all the blacks with blue collar jobs? You're getting raises this Friday to compensate for the fact that you get paid less than a white person! And those of you without jobs, guess what? YOU GOT THE JOB!

And all skinhead and white sumpremicist groups will now adopt flowers as their symbols and become hippies.

And all black people who hunt for items in disaster zones will be salvaging, not looting!

The day has come. Mallard said so.

NLC said...


Interesting that Tinsley chooses Jackson and Sharpton to make his point.

Why not, say, Rosa Parks or Medgar Evans or, for that matter, Rev King?

Certainly the logic is precisely identical (and surely just as valid).

rewinn said...

Mallard's President's Day strip:

GEORGE WASHINGTON: "We've build our careers selling the idea that America should be free of Britain. And now that the British have surrendered at Yorktown ..."

JOHN ADAMS: "... that's just like the British, taking away our livelihood!"

Kaitlyn said...

Tinz is so painfully stupid.

My grandmother has nightmares about Barack Obama.

But only about his leadership, because she's not racist anymore!

Michael said...

Good one rewinn. However, this metaphor might be a little closer...

Thomas Jefferson: "We've built our careers selling the idea that America should be free of Britain... And now Washington has avoided getting captured with his army in full retreat, and we could fight the British another few months if we're able to get more funds from Congress and avoid freezing this winter!"

John Adams: "That's just like the British, trying to take away our livelyhood!"

factinista said...

And I'm sure a white man from suburban Indiana is a total expert on the state of racism in America.

rewinn said...

michael: Heh ... I stand corrected. Well, technically I sit corrected!

Anonymous said...

Comic corrected further:

Jackson: "I am glad racism exists because anyone who points out that I am a horrible, sociopathic monster, enemy of Martin Luther King and panderer to many of the worst men in the world (Kenneth R. Tinnerman, Shakedown: Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson) sounds like a racist!

Tinsley: Racism does not exist, thus I am allowed to burn crosses in front of kikes and niggers! Yeehaw, the South will rise again!

A. Wyatt Mann: Good work, soon we shall have a pogrom or maybe even an Inquisition!

Rush Limbaugh: "There are more American Indians alive today than there were when Columbus arrived or at any other time in history. Does this sound like a record of genocide?" (See, I Told You so p. 68)

Blacks and Latinos continue to die younger after worse lives than Whites but we do not care because these lunatics stoke the fires of hatred.

I, sometimes, wonder if "A. Wyatt Mann" is a pseudonym of Bruce Tinsley. Mann, however, apparently understands the concepts of rhyme schemes and scansion, thus he must not be Tinsley.

luke said...

Sooo the point of this comic is... liberals aren't racist? Uh, good one, Tins. That... that really stings.