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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

That damned Aging Feminist

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Feminists, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sarah Palin.

Since Mallard is pretty much taking the day off, so will I.

Just combine my comments from this day and this day and you have my comment for today.


Duck Hunter said...



At the Old Civil Rights Leaders’ Home

Jackson: Three days in a row – same expression, same comment. Are you sure hiring quotas have to extend to the Imaginatively-Challenged?

Sharpton: Take it easy, Jesse. No matter how much of his own moonshine Tinsley drinks to inspire himself, he rarely beats the same dead horse for more than a couple of weeks.


Old School Feminist: This would almost be fun if we all hadn’t been watching Palin field-dress herself on national television during Tinsley’s three-week lag-time.

12xuser said...

It's going to be fun to see what Tinsley comes up with on the bailout, two weeks after the fact.

Maybe he'll find a way to combine this "racism is dead" idea with the "credit crisis caused by teh blax" meme currently circulating on right-wing blogs.

Rebochan said...

Nice timing.

Sarah Palin's Run Only Setting Women Back

rewinn said...

Maybe I'm not getting the quaint subtlety of Tinsley's logic, but the first panel is saying "Whites Support Obama".

Say it again, Tinsley --- in case your audience didn't get it the first time:

Whites Support Obama!
Whites Support Obama!!
Whites Support Obama!!!
Whites Support Obama!!!!

The 2nd panel is the same-old same-old "tokenism means you've won" ... the Republicans followed the Democratic Party example in putting a woman on the national ticket, so women now have the same rights as men.

I'm sure women will agree. Eh?

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

OK, I've been patient, but enough is enough. I want my Sarah Palin caricature NOW. You know, the one with her looking like the wicked witch of the west or butt ugly like the second pannel today. I'll even take a Ms. Penis Chin. Come on Mallard, get off your behind and draw some venom!

exanonymous said...

This is similar to taking a dump on your own carpet, moving the furniture over it, and considering the whole place cleaned.

Or for a more relevant analogy, "Mission accomplished!" in the Middle East.

Robert said...

Bruce draws Jesse Jackson to look like Slimer from Ghostbusters, and the feminist to look like a Muppet.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

A strong, smart, capable woman like Hillary Clinton fights tooth and nail to try to get to the top, and sadly fails.

A young, pretty, completely unqualified woman like Sarah Palin is put in the number two slot for appearance's sake.

Yeah, Tinsley. That's feminism right there. You do#chebag.

THANK GOD HILLARY CLINTON RAN. Sure, I supported Obama. Clinton and Obama agreed on all the issues I really cared about, and both Obama and Clinton would have made history. So I chose partly on personality and primarily based on strategy (there's a lot of residual Clinton hatred in my state, so she would have motivated Republicans to vote, and Obama has inspired the Democrats in my state. Having Barack Obama upticket will help Democrats hold on to some legislative seats they captured at the last election for the first time in decades, and possibly capture even more seats and state offices). BUT THANK GOD CLINTON RAN. Thank God we women have an answer to the vice presidential run blooper reel that is Sarah Palin.

factinista said...

So what I'm getting from this comic is that Palin has been abusing her womanhood to dismiss any criticism of her as sexist, just like Mallard claims Obama does with racism.

Of course, since that's absolutely true, it can't be the point Mallard was making.

Fun fact: Firefox's spell checker doesn't recognize "Obama" or "Palin" as words.

Anonymous said...

Did Tinsley ever consider that Whites might support Obama because McCain is a horrible man, who shares many of the Bushes' idea? No, he latches onto a simplistic, convenient view that ignores all of the ambiguity. Tinsey is too stupid to understand subtext or an alernate viewpoint.

Michael said...

Obama has ended racism, and Palin has ended sexism! Yaaaayyyy!!

Anonymous said...

Why do the Repigs want us top think that the Palin V.P. nomination is such a momentous occasion? The Dems did it twenty some years ago. Does that mean that feminism was irrelevant back then to? Never mind. I think I know what Mallard's answer would be.

Kaitlyn said...

Palin is an example of all that women have overcome in the last century. Look at all she had available for her when it came to getting an education and a job!

But we ain't equal yet.

Of course it's a white man claiming that sexism and racism are gone. He never experienced either - especially on the institutional level.

I'm taking this course on infant mortality, and one of the things that came up the first day was racist doctors, or doctors who don't treat you with respect. A white guy asked how would you know if the doc treated you any different than the other patients?

I said you could talk to the nurses, but later on I realized something so obvious - women know when someone is acting sexist, and minorities can spot racism.

Kaitlyn said...

How come Mallard didn't say anything about old feminists when Hillary was still in the race?

Bill the Splut said...

Wait--is he saying that if you're white and vote for McCain, you are racist? And if you vote for Palin, you're a hairy-legged feminazi?
I marvel at the twists and turns of the Tinny mind!

Anonymous said...

Tinsley is a hero.

With his art he makes everyone feel like a master artist. Because at least stick figures don't have penis chins.

With his writing he gives us all hope. No matter how bad our writing is it'll be leagues above his. Mostly becuase our writing will be based on reality instead of talking points.

exanonymous said...

Maybe Tinsley should go talk to the white people voting for Obama because they "want to see a president get assassinated".