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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

That damned Dodd

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Dodd, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac.

He most certainly did say that, and he was wrong. Shall we now discuss other people who were equally wrong?

Anyone want to take bets on whether John McCain or the entire Bush Administration get mentioned?


Michael said...

Oh my god...

In Bruce Tinsley's defense, his caricature may have been misunderstood. When he portrayed Chris Dodd as possessing a croaking frog neck, what he really meant was, "I just drank a bottle of store brand whiskey! Time to draw!"

Glad to help clear this up.

Duck Hunter said...

Mallard Balloon #1: Some say that Senator Dodd wasn’t qualified to speak on the financial soundness of Fannie Mae and Freddie Max because he took campaign contributions from them as have 143 Republican members of the House and Senate.

Dodd: "Some say?" Who says? And why is anyone listening to duck? And why are my eyes screwed up into my forehead? And since when do I have a goiter?

Mallard Balloon #2: Those same “some” caution not to pay too much attention to the fact that McCain’s Campaign Manager, Rick Davis, headed the Homeownership Alliance whose members included both Fannie and Freddie and which worked against tighter congressional regulations on the lenders, his economic adviser Aquiles Suarez, worked as Fannie’s director of government and industry relations, and his finance co-chairman Frederic V. Malek, is a former Freddie board member.

Mallar Balloon #3: Not to mention those of McCain’s fundraisers who netted over $12.3 million in fees over the past nine years lobbying for good ol’ Fannie and Freddie, including his congressional liaison John Green and the head of his VP vetting committee, Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr.

Mallard Balloon #4: I know "some" people enjoy this strip.

Kaitlyn said...

Why does Dodd matter again?

Because he's a Democrat, of course.

And when the Obama campaign made an ad saying the same thing about McCain, that was beyond reproach.

I think Mallard's going to focus on Democrats, "government," and Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. The last 2 loaned money to poor people*, so clearly they're entirely to blame.

*College is stressful enough. I'm not learning this stuff, especially when I have a test on rocks today and I HATE ROCKS.

Ah, I'm hiding my ignorance behind my education. Typical elitist behavior.

rewinn said...

Is it sad or telling that Kaitlyn's "I HATE ROCKS" is funnier that the last seven Mallard Fillmores, all compressed into a metamophic lump?

Part of Tinney's problem is, of couse, his lousy writing. The entire first balloon could be omitted if the "he" in the 2nd balloon were replaced with "Dodd". Then we'd have something which, however irrelevant & unfair, might be visibly funny ... the way that Russia is visible from Wasilla.

factinista said...

Speaking of lumps, Senator Dodd really looks like he ought to see a doctor about his throat.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Duck Hunter -- Nicely done! I'm impressed.

Well, Dodd's got my vote for Most Disturbing Image in the next Golden Ellipses. Possibly also for The IOKIYAR Award for Brazenness or Hypocrisy, but definitely for Most Disturbing Image.

rewinn said...

I, too, have enjoyed duck hunter's correction of the text of the strip.

Maybe you could contact Tinny on one of his sober days and work out a deal!

Duck Hunter said...

Thanks, Gold-Digging Nanny,

I'm looking forward to a nice dish of Canard à la Rouennaise sometime this fall.

Duck Hunter said...

Thanks rewinn,

I'm not so sure I'd like to contact Tinsley.

I would, however, love to meet Mallard himself.


Kaitlyn said...

Rewinn - well thank you, hopefully that will bode well for my test grade.

Seconding, thirding, jumping on the bandwagon about duck hunter's versions. Always better, not that that's a high standard, and genuinely funny.

Dodd needs some iodine. I had Graves' disease and my goiter wasn't that bad.

Looking at his drawing hurts. I say this every day, but it's true. OW. He can't draw people, and what he does with his duck... this is terrible.

Vernunft said...

Do you know what "equally" means?