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Friday, October 31, 2008

That damned Barack

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama


Because Obama was crazy when he suggested Republicans would run a campaign designed to make Americans afraid.


exanonymous said...

This Mallard Fillmore is an honest sad look at the reality things.

Not a tongue-in-cheek gotcha as intended.

I know real people who are irrationally scared of an Obama presidency. These people cannot give legitimate reasons.

The excessive finger quoting is a McCain thing though.

Matthew said...

McCain's not very good at finger quoting though.

David B said...

I just had someone tell me last evening that Obama "scares" him.

Given what i know about the guy i think that he was saying that it's Obama's policies, not his race or personality, that scares him--but i've run into people who are scared of any or all three of those.

Apparently, though, Tinsley believes that Obama is utterly *non*-scary, thereby making it hilarious that someone would think he is. Right? That's the only way today's strip makes sense to me, anyway.

dlauthor said...

I was kind of hoping one of the Scary Halloween Costumes this year would be "women's health."

Anonymous said...

I think you posted the wrong thing on here. This looks like a Non Sequiter... no, not the comic, the concept non sequiter. Somebody slipped some drugs into Tinsley's booze me thinks. Usually I can figure out what the basis of each delusional comic is (mostly neo-con talking points that are 3 weeks late) but even with DaveyK's explanation this comic makes no sense.

MToje said...

Sure, the writing and punchline are exceptionally weak, even by Tinsley standards, but for anyone else, absent the ribcage shirt, does this caricature look especially simian to anyone else?

factinista said...

I recently got into an argument with someone who thought that Obama wasn't really a citizen and that he was secretly supporting terrorism in Kenya.

Nope, not trying to scare us at all.

Anonymous said...

Oddly this could come accross as pro Obama

Little Obama: No, don't worry Dad, they weren't refusing to give me candy because I'm black and they don't like Black people. I was just sooo scary that they panicked and didn't give me as much as the others, that's all.

Willing to think the best of others, give them benefit of the doubt, and optimistic in what might make many other people his age quite sad...sounds like good qualities to me.

Anonymous said...

Mtoje --

Yep, one of my first thoughts when I read the comic. Either that or Tinsley is really, really crappy at drawing an even vaguely accurate human skull.

rewinn said...

" honest sad look at the reality..."

Well, yeah. Tinkley has to be wilfully obtuse to deny racism is a factor. It's been widely documented/video'd.

But the real issue:
Who the heck wouldn't give a kid candy on Halloween?

andy? said...



because they all hate freedom

the freedom of candy that is

Michael said...

Little Obama: No, don't worry Dad, they weren't refusing to give me candy because I'm black and they don't like Black people. I was just sooo scary that they panicked and didn't give me as much as the others, that's all.

That is heart-breaking. Even more heart-breaking is the fact that he didn't have a father to tell that to. Thanks for tugging my heartstrings, Tinsley, thus making me more likely* to vote for Obama.

* I already mailed in my ballot, but still

Anonymous said...

For "rewinn" and other Obama followers, is this the way you believe life should be in our country? I certainly do not. Once again we equate Obama with socialism. Take from those who have produced all their lives and give it to those who refuse to wean themselves off of the government lifeline. I once thought and said that the only way the poor and some minorities would escape their lifestyle was to do it for themselves and not wait for the government to do it for them. From Obama's views on this video I guess I was wrong.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley's surprising understanding of irony (in an offensive, racist way) returns! He considers Black skin to be scary yet a white skeleton is an effective costume.

Please note that Obama looks like a stereotypical witch doctor. This skull would look very offensive if one imagined it as a gigantic, misshapen mask.

factinista said...

Hey anon, do you realize that, eight years ago, McCain was calling for the exact same tax plan that Obama is today? You know, before he betrayed everything he stood for just to get one last shot at the White House?

Let's face it, a progressive tax system is not a bad thing, nor is it the same thing as socialism. There's a reason that the poor have an unfortunate tendency to stay poor, and it's not because they're lazy.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

So I guess the point of this is that when (not "if," in Tinz's addled mind, but "when") Obama loses, he will blame it not on the fact that people liked McCain or didn't like his policies, but on the fact that people are still scared of the blacks.

I feel sorry for Tinsley, having to draw a strip like this weeks before McCain announced that his strategy for victory is to turn Pennsylvania, a state where Obama leads by double digits, red.

Four days to pull it off, McCain! Better not sleep in this weekend.

Michael said...

I'm afraid you've been misled by the spliced audio, anonymous - he wasn't talking about socialism at all. Here is the full context of the interview, and comments from the station to which he gave the interview:

Also, as a broader point: despite the scare tactics to get McCain elected, Obama is not a socialist in the least... unless you consider Reagan and Clinton to be socialists, because his tax plan is similar to theirs. By increasing the highest federal tax bracket by 3 percent, Obama would be rolling back the tax breaks Bush has given them, back to the levels we had in the '80s and '90s. He's also suggested increasing the capital gains tax to 28%, which would be exactly the same rate they had in the '80s and '90s.

Additionally, if you consider a graduated tax system per se to be socialism: not only is that not what socialism means, but that would also make the United States a socialist country for over 100 years.

Is the "socialism" you're worried about really Obama taking money from black people and giving it to white people, in the form of welfare, etc.? That may be the case (though I doubt it because he had a leadership role in getting people off welfare in Illinois), and there are certainly debates to be had about how we should set up our social safety nets, but that isn't what socialism means either. If you disagree with his economic policies, that's fine but you don't have to resort to inaccurate labels.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, you are the anonymous poster! What do we call a system where everyone keeps whatever he earns and no one receives any government support? Objectivism! Why do we not use this system? It is completely fucking insane! Guys with more money can afford to pay more taxes, thus, raising their taxes while lowering them for the poor makes perfect sense. Rich men do not do any work, either, they just sit around and occasionally, make some business decisions. Their jobs are incredibly easy and comfortable. Poor men and immigrants are the ones who do all the work, in factories, mines, farms, forests, wars and retail positions! Were we to fairly distribute the money, the poor would get billions and rich men would die in the gutters! I like that idea and fuck anyone who disagrees, especially you, Bruce "Anonymous" Tinsley!

Michael said...

I assume you're using hyperbole, but that would be an interesting worldview you have, freagan: in which Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, and Barack Obama are all lazy, worthless and die in the gutter.

Kaitlyn said...

Bruce is convinced there is no such thing as racism, so nobody could possibly be racist or make their decision on election day because of race.

He is also an idiot.

If Barack Obama loses (not that he will, even though my vote won't count*), racism and fear will be among the reasons why.

Mocking the existence of racism never makes you look good. Now, mocking racism is a different thing.

*I think a few electoral districts in Tennessee, especially around and in Memphis, will go Obama, but the majority of the state, well, we're in the south.

Ok, so I'm down with the electoral college, I just wish the candidates could keep the districts they win instead of all the districts in the state. Then I'd feel my vote counted.

rewinn said...

kaitlyn: I hope it's some comfort that your vote will count toward the national total which, although it has no legal effect, will help with the political weight behind the rebuilding of our great nation. The difference between a squeaker and a landslide depends on votes even in non-battleground states.... so take heart! We need you!

As for anonymous coward's rant: I can't really improve on michael's reply except to point out that even in the clip Obama is explicitly downplaying court action in favor of communities getting together and working together to improve their condition. Other people have called this sort of thing "peaceably assembling to petition for the redress of grievances" and it's a foundation of America.

The Founders of our nation explicitly opposed the development of a wealthy aristocracy, in part because it was a practical threat to democracy. That's one of the reasons for the inheritance tax. If that's socialism, well, then Washington and Jefferson were socialists.

So, to answer anonymous coward, Obama's vision of America is one I share: we build communities to figure stuff out together democratically, to help each other out. It's not scary at all to patriots.

Tinkley's problem is that his side lost around the year 1779.

Anonymous said...

Example of many White and Black liberals.Clueless Obama Supporters.This would be funny if it were not typical of so many pathetic folks who are voting for Obama because they only want "Change." They have not educated themselves concerning Obama and what he stands for.

Anonymous said...

Yes folks, Obama's friend and associate Bill Ayers,did dedicate his book to Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan. Should tell you a little about the mindset of B. Obama.

fuckreagan said...

Oprah Winfrey's only job is to intrview idiots and laugh at their pain (as I am sure she does the moment the cameras turn off.) Thomas Edison created nothing and stole his ideas from real scientists, such as Nicholae Tesla and Joseph Snow. Walt Disney supported Hitler, filled his cartoons with racism and used sweatshop labor. Steven Spielberg's only job is to create Hollywood movies and guess what medium has the lower standard of writing and consistently (he does, however make great movies?)? Fuck all of them. Poor men are virtually all corrupt (look at history) and money and power corrupt even more, thus the rich are even worse.

Response to Tinsley's second post: Obama knew Ayers when he was eight-years-old. He was too young to understand politics, just as Tinsley is too stupid and ignorant. John McCain continues to support John Hagee, who said that Hitler fulfilled God's demands by sending the Jews back to Israel.

Anonymous said...

fuckreagan-Go back on your medication. Trust me, you will feel much better and will not continue to embarrass yourself.

factinista said...

This would be funny if it were not typical of so many pathetic folks who are voting for Obama because they only want "Change."

This would be funny if it were not typical of so many pathetic folks who are voting for McCain because they're afraid of "Socialism."

exanonymous said...

Socialism isn't a dirty word. It works more or less as well as capitalism. In other words, it depends on the honest and integrity of those in power.

But the real socialist party was offended anyways. Not only is it being used as a dirty word for reaction purposes, it's not even an accurate depiction of the system.

It should be noted: YOUTUBE is NOT a reliable accurate source. Repeat.


rewinn said...

anonymous coward is just trolling now.

Ignore him, at least until he has the ballz to get a logon.