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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Those damned judges

What's Mallard raving about today?

Judges, Elections.

I don't know what's stranger.

The construction of the sentence in today's Mallard Fillmore. That where Mallard lives people running for judge have enough cash to run TV commercials. Or that Mallard believes it is possible to cram something of substance into a 30-second TV spot.

Given his obsessive relationship with TV, however, I suppose that last possibility is not so strange.


rewinn said...

Mallard has stumbled upon a real issue (although he can't being honest about the problem since it's his ideological allies.)

Think for a moment: If you're a company or an industry inconvenienced by being held to account for flouting our laws and/or hurting people, it can be a very efficient investment to buy some state supreme court judgeships. For a few million$, you can save billion$.

Of course, you can't overtly say "Vote Judge X so my industry can kill you." You have to say "Judge X has a nice family."

Read Grisham's The Appeal for a barely-fictionalized summary of the problem.

GeoX said...

I love the way he ALWAYS has the same bitter, pissed-off expression, no matter how petty and meaningless the thing he's complaining about. You can't picture Mallard smiling, can you? That's because he NEVER, EVER has. It's all-whining all the time in Tinzland.

factinista said...

Oh no, he's smiled before. But it was still as smug and self-congratulating as ever.

This is the comic in question.

GeoX said...

Is that meant to be a smile? I honestly can't tell. I mean, sure, it look kind of like the sides of his mouth are going up, but I think that might just be supposed to represent the contours of his beak. He sure doesn't look happy.

factinista said...

Good point. On second glance, it seems like he may not be smiling after all.

Maybe it's just that Tinsley's a terrible artist and can't learn how to draw a grin on his comic's main character.

Kaitlyn said...

He looked happy to me - it's in the eyes.

I thought this would be about election ads period. Most of them for smaller office (state legislature) feature a wholesome family and their views. A recent one had a shot of the candidate and some people she may or may not be related to striding across an empty field, talking, with their hunting guns over their shoulders.

The voice-over and caption emphasized her love of guns and life. She may have said NRA instead of guns, I can't remember. I do remember the juxtapositions of things meant for death and harm and saving wittle babies.

Duck Hunter said...

TV: A new study* has shown that ducks who lie around all day without pants, watching TV, eating junk food, are twice as likely to vote Republican as are fully-clothed ducks who read books and eat nourishing food in sensible portions, and get regular exercise.

Mallard: I really couldn’t think of anything to write about today that’s relevant on a national scale ...

... but since that’s never stopped me from expressing my point of view before here goes. OBAMA BAD! MCCAIN GOOD!

* [Barely legible attribution to a doubtfully relevant article in a newspaper you’ve never heard of but is read by real people unlike the left-wing rags most of you liberal elite read.]

Anonymous said...

Why is he in pajamas in the first "panel" and in his tweed jacket in the second?m